Thursday, 15 September 2016

Summer Looks...

For once England has experienced a real life hot summer so I've been forced to develop a proper summer wardrobe. I'm definitely a winter lover, I far far prefer layers and jumpers to vest tops, but I've had to dive into the world of warm weather dressing, so here's some looks I put together with some new purchases I loved this summer.

T-Shirt- Primark
Playsuit- Zara
I picked up this playsuit in the Zara sale while I was in Liverpool cause it gave me Alexa Chung Glastonbury 2014 vibes as it's a metallic silver material. I love how oversized and easy this piece is, I can just pop it on over a plain t-shirt or a striped shirt and I'm done. I've been wearing this all summer as it's just so flowy and airy it's so easy to stay cool in. However, the baggy shape means I can always layer a jumper under it in the winter. Such a win for only £3!

T-shirt- H&M
Pinafore- Fat Face
Boots- Clarks
I'm still so sooooo in love with this boxy denim pinafore from Fat Face. It's so versatile and simple to style. I picked up this cute striped ringer t-shirt to go under my dungarees and I've worn it pretty much 24/7. The classic stripe with blue denim is such a timeless look, it will always look good, so this outfit has been a real go-to in the heat. Honestly I'll never stop loving this pinafore.

T-Shirt- Etsy
Skirt- Pull & Bear
Boots- Clarks
This is my fave outfit atm featuring my fave fave film. I've been after this t-shirt for so long and I finally treated myself last pay day, it's so comfy and retro looking with the bold red text. I always love how this film reminds me to be both bad ass and mushy, so win win.

A-line skirts have been my nemesis for so long. When you've got hips, it's so hard to find a skirt that fits and isn't either too big on the waist or way way too short. But on my first trip to Pull & Bear in Liverpool, I found the holy grail. It fits like a glove and was only £17 so I had to have it. I've been wearing this skirt constantly as it's so easy to dress up and down. I've worn it with striped tops, jumpers, big baggy t-shirts and with a sheer top on a night out. So so wearable! If you're still looking for your perfect A-line, definitely check out Pull & Bear, or Urban Outfitters, they've normally got some good'uns.

T-shirt- vintage
Dungarees- Topshop
Last but not least, when am I not wearing my topshop dungarees. I love them with this simple striped tee, such a classic look. Oh and I also chopped all my hair off and lav it!

I officially move to Sheffield in 2 days so expect a uni room tour soonish.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Playlist ~ Summer16...

Summer is officially over, it's rained and I've worn a jacket, it's over. So to cling onto the remains of the sun, I made my ultimate summer 2016 playlist. My music taste this summer has been totally based on obsession, I would listen to the same songs/artists for weeeeks but I also fell in love with so many new releases. So many 10/10 artists have released albums these past months- Tom Odell, Blossoms, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, NAO, Shura etc etc...

For once my music loves have been overwhelmingly happy and upbeat so this playlist really is summer in songs. I've been really loving more electronic music lately like Mura Masa and Flume, but still so connected to my indie rock roots and my mad love for the goddesses that are Kate Bush and Joni Mitchel so you know they're in there.

I don't think I've ever made a more eclectic playlist, it goes from crazy Spanish girl power to grime to super chill so quick, but that's what I love about it. My taste in music is so unrefined at the moment, it definitely keeps me on my toes!

So if you need a little bit longer to chill before life catches up, check it out! And make sure you follow me on spotify, I make new playlists all the time.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Make-up Loves...

It hit me the other week that I can't take alllllllll my makeup away with me, so I've been using up some extras and buying some make-up must haves. So here's a little run down of some new products I've been loving...

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

I picked up this new brow pencil as my Rimmel one ran out and I'm trying to only by from cruelty free brands. This one definitely took some getting used to as it's got a rectangular pencil so it naturally mimics tiny hairs, but it certainly requires a light hand! But now I've got my technique down, I absolutely love it. It looks so natural and is a really quick step to perfect defined brows, also the shade is 10/10 for me! For only £5 I was so so impressed with this, definitely going to be getting more NYX stuff in the future.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer 

I've been using this for a while now as my Mum got it as a freebie and didn't want it. I'm not sure about the whole "airbrush" promise, but I love how this primer feels. It glides on so nicely but doesn't feel as gross and silicone-y as other primers. It creates such a good base for my foundation and helps everything blend perfectly. This primer feels so much more moisturising and natural than other so I'm v much enjoying it.

Topshop Chameleon Glow in Wax + Wane

This is the holy grail. I've been lusting after this for so sooooooo long and I finally caved. My go-to going out makeup look is just glitter galore, so I had to have this colour change/holographic pressed glitter shadow. The purple/pink/bronze colours in it are so beautiful and go from being a subtle day look to a blinding, disco-ball night look within one second when the light hits this right. My friend Grace also uses this as a face highlighter, and if you're looking for a blinding highlight for darker skin, this is the one. You'll find me bathing in this on the daily. 

W7 Eyeshadow Palette in Colour Me Buff

I've been looking for a new bronzey/nude eyeshadow palette for a while since my MUA one hit pan. I finally managed to get my hands on this sought-after W7 one which is like the ultimate naked palette dupe with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I wanted to get a palette like this so I had all the shadows I wanted in one place rather than having to take a bunch of individual shadows to uni with me. Each shade is so pigmented and blendable, if you're after an all-round good palette, try to find this one, TK Maxx stocks W7 pretty often, or take a peek on their website.

What products have you been loving recently?

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Strength Project #9 ~ Caitlin Morrow...

"Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

Firstly, I feel like I should apologise for the ridiculous lack of posts this summer, sorting uni stuff and dealing with stress and panic and work and ahhh really got on top of me, but I'm back at it again with another strength project. I've wanted to interview Caitlin for a long time as I find her so soo inspiring. I've never encountered such a positive, radiant person in spite of the struggles she's constantly overcoming. I couldn't let this series go on any longer without getting her views...

What does strength mean to you?

Strength means overcoming personal challenges no matter how big or small.

Could you tell me about a time when strength was evident in your life?

I’ve had emetophobia (phobia of vomiting or other people vomiting) for as long as I can remember and up until about six months ago it was crippling me 24/7 (panic attacks, nightmares, avoiding socialising etc). For me, strength has been most evident over the past year as I've faced my fears multiple times and am now, as a result, very close to being able to say that I don’t have the phobia anymore.

As a songwriter, do you think having an honest creative outlet is helpful, or is it testing on your strength?

It’s both helpful and testing. The majority of my songs are very personal and are written from my own experiences. Sometimes this makes a song easier to write but I've broken down during the songwriting process a few times as it makes things very real for me when writing the lyrics.

Which song of yours took the most strength to write? And why?

It’s very cliché but it’s a breakup song called ‘fairytale’. The break-up pretty much destroyed my self esteem and writing that song was a way of reminding myself that I'm actual an incredible human being and I have nothing to blame myself for. It feels empowering every-time I sing it, especially when hes at my gigs! And when my friends sing along.

Your Instagram is so bright and positive and full of happy memories and messages, do you think filling your personal spaces like your social media with positivity is beneficial to your strength?

I have a strict rule that only happy and positive things are allowed on my Instagram, and that definitely makes me feel stronger. If I'm feeling down, scrolling through my Instagram feed is the biggest happiness and confidence boost as its filled with photos of memories where I'm surrounded by wonderful people who care about me and enjoy spending time with me. It’s the same with twitter and facebook, although I sometimes slip up and post negative statuses in the hope it will make me feel better but I always regret it aha.

You’re constantly sending messages of love and support to your friends, do you think having a good base of supportive friends is essential to strength, or is a good relationship with yourself more important?

At the end of the day, the way you feel about yourself is whats most important but I find personally that having supportive friends is the biggest help towards feeling that way. It’s difficult to believe that you’re amazing when there's no one else reminding you that you are, but if whoever's reading this feels like they don’t have that support from others, I promise them now that they are still an amazing person.

Do you think strength is having total control of yourself, or letting go of control?

That’s such a good question. I think it depends entirely on the situation. For example, having the strength to stand up to someone who’s not treating you right involves having control over yourself. Whereas facing up to my phobia involves giving up control, because you can’t avoid sickness, but being able to deal with the situation when it arises.

When do you feel strongest?

I feel strongest when I'm with my friends, when I'm giggling, and when I'm dealing with a phobia situation well.

Could you sum up what strength means to you in three words?

Courage, self-belief, achievement.


Caitlin is such an amazing songwriter with a glorious, angelic voice, definitely one to keep your eye on!

Find Caitlin-
  • Instagram-@caitlinmorrow_x
  • Facebook- /caitlinmorrowmusic
  • Twitter- @caitlin_morrow