Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Fashion & Film #8 ~ Leon The Professional...

I finally got round to watching Leon The Professional and oh boy I have a new fave film! The plotline keeps you totally hooked and baby Natalie Portman as Mathilda dances the line between totally badass and vulnerable. I love everything about this film, especially Mathilda's grungey style!

Her signature look is her sun choker and a crop top, normally with patterned shorts and her green bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are everywhere but I think the best bet for recreating this look is to get yourself one from the mens section as Mathilda's is always oversized (HERE). Also, american apparel have crop tops that are pretty much identical to the ones Mathilda wears (HERE).

Mathilda's style is so interesting as she looks bold but her outfits still seem to have a young, childish thrown-together vibe. Its so effortless and the fact that she has absolutely no make-up on and her hair is always messy really helps that.Yet none of her pieces are simple, everything she wears either has a pattern or interesting shape. For example, I love the black lace-up crop top she wears and her slouchy crochet cardigan. There's nothing plain in her wardrobe!

Her outfits link to her character so so well! Though she looks and dresses older than her age, there's still a clear childish innocence there and that's exactly like the characters who has got herself into a dangerous situation but is still a child. 10/10 for the costume department! Everything works so well with the plot but still look so damn cool.

I think Mathilda is my new ultimate fictional style crush and as the weather warms I'll definitely be investing in some more crop tops and stomping round in my heeled chelsea boots.

I can't recommend enough that you watch Leon The Professional, it's such an amazing film! It incorporates action scenes, an intense plot and a heck of a lot of emotion like seriously tear-fest at the end, it's so tragically beautiful. I love love loved it so let me know what you think!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

4 Blogs You Should Be Following...

The blogging world can be daunting sometimes due to the sheer number of blogs out there, us little fishes can often feel lost. However, although I do love big blogs like Wish Wish Wish etc, I have a number of blogs in my favourite bar and they're all blogs run by girls with big imaginations and big visions. I personally love blogs that provide more than just pretty pictures, I like a blog with substance and an authentic, real person behind it, a blog that will make me think! So here are 4 of my favourite blogs that I think deserve massive massive love...

I've been a fan of Elizabeth's blog Fashion Is My First Language for quite a while and it's a site I always go back to. Her amazing, unique style makes her outfit posts so interesting and inspiring as I always want to know where she shops to get such pretty pieces! But she's also an amazing writer who has contributed to zines (including Issue 3 of my mag ahhhh!) I love how she articulates her thoughts into beautiful pieces, and her blog serves as massive inspiration for my writing. Describing herself as having an "avid interest in history, current affairs, feminism, literature, vintage clothes" Elizabeth is clearly a girl of my own heart.

Instagram- @fashionismyfirstlanguage
Twitter- @elizabethmurd

Will I ever stop talking about how much I love Simmy? Probably not. Simmy inspires me daily through her positivity on twitter and her writing on her blog. I've worked with Simmy several times as she contributed to my mag and I interviewed her for my strength project, and her passion continuous blows me away and it's really shown by the quality of her blog! I can't recommend enough that you follow her blog, it's a mixture of inspo, written pieces and really honest posts about her life and thoughts, all beautifully crafted. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

Find Simmy- simmyhoonjan.co.uk
Instagram- @simmyhoonjan
Twitter- @posi_simmy

Lauren's blog is dreamy. Whenever I'm struggling with writers block or lacking in creativity, I read Lauren's blog as her writing honestly blows me away. I love how honest she is, and how her blog is clearly her creative space to share her thoughts/creations. Simply, Lauren is ridiculously talented. Reading her blog pushes me to write better.

Instagram- @lharcourt
Twitter- @LaurenEharcourt

I discovered Isabella's youtube before finding her blog, and now I can honestly say that she's one of my favourite creators on the whole wide interwebs. Not only is she ridiculously beautiful and creates beautiful content on everything from beauty to travel, but Isabella's honestly and authenticity in her videos and blogs is incredible. I love that she doesn't hide when she's going through a hard time, she's courageous enough to share her struggles and that's a super hard thing to do. She recently did a video on feminism which I love love loved, check it out...

Find Isabella- beautyflutters.com
Instagram- @beautyfluttersxo
Twitter- @beautyflutters

Who are some of your favourite bloggers?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Playlist ~ Revise...

Exam time is slowly creeping up on me, so I've officially started revising. A good playlist is essential to my concentration and there's so much good new music around at the moment making my revision playlist shape up quite nicely. I'm obsessed with the new albums by The 1975 and Kind Charles as well as still being in love with The Rose Affair EP (which I reviewed HERE )

This playlist is really eclectic as it's a mixture of upbeat indie tunes and softer folky stuff, but I think the contrast is really good for motivation as it never gets dull. I'm still constantly adding to it but at the moment it contains music by The 1975, Nina Nesbitt, Matt Corby, Jack Garratt, Oh Wonder, Flo Morrissey, Shura and many many more,

So got exams coming up? or just need some motivation to finally do all those things you've been avoiding? Give it a listen...

What does your revision playlist look like?

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fashion & Film #7 ~ Girl Interrupted...

Girl Interrupted is a cult classic film, and with both Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie starring in lead roles, you know it's going to be amazing. It manages to be both gritty and dark, and comedic. I looove this films so I was super happy when someone requested I focus on it in a fashion & film post.

Obviously Ryder and Jolie are fashion queens in their own right, but in Girl Interrupted they are the epitome of laid-back, casual fashion. It's all about basic pieces- white button-up shirts, Breton t-shirts, classic blue jeans, and jumpers. I really love, Jolie's character, Lisa's look that's totally based around simple t-shirts and trousers. It's so basic but works with her character so well, and a beat-up vintage t-shirt with jeans is always a good outfit. Also her long fur-trimmed coat is so on trend right now as it has a total 70s vibe, very Janis Joplin.

But it's, Winona's character, Susanna's look that always catch my eye when I was this film. In spite of the film being set in the late 60s, she seems to capture that 90s laid-back, grungey look with slouchy shirts and rough pixie cut. I love her look with the striped tee and black trousers, it's a classic.

With the Girl Interrupted look comfort is key and less is certainly more. Their looks are never too extravagant or too put together and I think that's what I love about it. The styling matches the film perfectly, it's raw and doesn't take itself too seriously. I honestly feel like the best shops for this look are charity or vintage shops, old pieces will match the vibe waaaay better as you don't want anything too crisp or clean cut.

Ahhh I just love this film, and honestly when I really can't be bothered with my outfit I channel Susanna and immediately feel slightly better about my laziness. It's so perfectly casual!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

My Feminism...

As international women’s day passes I'm reminded of the power of, and the need for, strong women. It’s something I've really focused on in the last two years of my life and I discovered the incredible strength amazing women can bring you and the power to be found in raising up other women. And though I'm unsure of when I first discovered feminism, the last two years have really solidified my stance as I read a lot, opened my eyes and really educated myself to the point where I was willing to say I'm a feminist. A proud feminist.

But I don’t just want to get caught up in the western feminism stereotype, where equality simple means eliminating girl hate and promoting body positivity.  A common misconception about feminism is that it is merely an issue of girls complaining about things that are of no importance so therefore feminism isn't needed, but take 5 minutes to do some research and you’ll find an abundance of serious SERIOUS issues effecting girls and women globally. The more I learn, the more I realise just how insulting the phrase “feminism isn't needed” is, as just because an issue isn't effecting you as you in your privileged life, doesn't make it invalid. It was this thought that made me an intersectional feminist, as I began to define what feminism means to me, and my feminism.

Once I discovered what feminism really was, digging past all the misconceptions of the movement being angry and confrontational, I realised how simple my reasoning was. I'm a woman, but looking past that I'm a human, a skeleton just the same as everyone. And that’s it, we’re the same and we should be treated the same, the same rights, the same opportunities, the same chances of a happy, healthy, safe life. Yet this isn't the case. And it’s not just that I will be paid less than my male counterpart, or my body will constantly be sexualised and challenged. It’s the articles stating that an average of 18 million girls each year will become a child bride; it’s the statistics telling me that more than 200 million girls alive today have been forced to undergo female genital mutilation, and the fact that approx 11 adults are raped every hour in the UK alone. That’s the main reason for my feminism, the extremes that are a reality daily and a by-product of inequality (though I also believe everyday “casual sexism” is a real issue as it perpetuates rape culture.)

I'm not one to force feminism down peoples through, yet in 2016 it completely baffles me why anyone would reject the movement or dispute its necessity, especially women like what?! Why fight against your own team? Against your sisters? Against your future daughter? Against yourself? It confuses me daily why in 2016, a time when feminism has reached a new high in its visibility, there are still soo so so so many damaging misconceptions and how people are still blinded by that ‘man-hating, feminazi’ crap. It’s no longer the radical call to arms it was in the 60s, feminism is a synonym for equality, and you only have to look at statistics to see clearly its necessity. One thing that does fill my little feminist heart with joy, is seeing the number of positive role models who are supporters of the movements. Beautiful intelligent women like Malala Yousafzai, Emma Watson, Rowan Blanchard, Viola Davis, Willow Smith etc. etc. etc. There so many incredible role models for young girls now that I think feminism is dripping down to the younger generation in such an incredible positive way!

But feminism isn't just for the girls, another misconception of the movement. As Emma Watson so beautifully articulated in her He For She speech at the UN back in 2014- “Men—I would like to take this opportunity to extend your formal invitation. Gender equality is your issue too.” In 2014, men under 45 made up 78% of the total suicide rate in Europe. Gender roles and stereotypes and expectations of masculinity have a serious damaging effect. Men need gender equality just as much as we do- the male contribution to parenting is regularly considered lesser, ideas of masculinity prevent many from being able to come forward and discuss their troubles, leading to high mental illness rates. It’s not just a women’s issue, its inclusive, its global. And the face of feminism is changing as many many successful males have come forward and said “yep I'm a feminist, why aren't you?” Please remember, feminism is gender-less, being a feminist simply means you believe in equality, regardless of gender.

It’s easy to fall for the misconception of feminists being overly offended by everything, fighting everyone for no results and no reason. But that’s not my feminism. My feminism is for the girl in Africa unable to go to school as her parents forbid her, and for the girl that has to drop out of school merely because of her period and the taboos surrounding a natural process. My feminism is for the victims, too afraid to speak out because of the connotations that may be attached to them. My feminism is for the 13 year old girl dying because her body isn't strong enough for the baby it’s creating. My feminism is for the man unable to tell his friends that he’s struggling, and harvesting that pain inside of him. My feminism is for the entirety of the LQBT+ community, and all the people that still have to explain and validate their existence. My feminism is for the little boy who wants to be a princess but is forced to be a pirate instead. My feminism is for the girl ashamed of the body hair she’s grown, for the woman shamed for feeding her child, for the business woman with ¾ of the pay check she deserves. My feminism is for the girls and women, the men and the boys. Its inclusive, intersectional. My feminism, though riddled with privilege and a tiny contribution on a global scale, is necessary. All feminism, anyones feminism, is necessary.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Interior Trends With Wayfair...

There's few things I love more than interior design. I can spend hours and hours scrolling through pinterest planning out my dream future home and every tiny detail of what each room will look like. I especially love bedroom interior as I honestly believe that the mood of your room has a massive effect on your mood, so creating a good space is super important for creating a good head space! Wayfair UK recently put together articles on two interior trends that are everywhere at the moment, so here's how I'd recreate them, with a Lucy twist...

Bed Sets from Wayfair UK 1) HERE, 2) HERE, 3) HERE
I love this trend as its the perfect mix of classic and modern. I love the classic French shapes and styles in mirrors and bed frames, but adding the metallic adds a little extra interest and makes everything fresh. I would opt for a neutral wall paint with subtle colours in a floral duvet cover, but add details such as candle holders, jewellery hangers and plant pots in a copper or a rose gold. I might also throw a more rustic blanket over the bed to avoid it all looking too pristine, you still want to feel cosy of course! This trend is so calming, perfect for a minimalist, de-cluttered space, and all the white/neutrals will make your room feel so much bigger and lighter.

Read more about the trend HERE

Bed sets from Wayfair UK ~ 1) HERE, 2) HERE, 3) HERE
 I'm obsessed with Scandinavian style, the fashion and the interior! It's minimalistic but layered, so think a wall of multiple photo frames, white walls with brown wood shelves, neutral floor with a patterned rug. I think scandi interior lends it's self so well for eclecticism as each item gets the attention it deserves, and the neutral background makes everything look so clean and fresh. I think my room already has elements of this trend as it's largely white with pops of colour. But I'd take this trend to the max by having a fully white room, shelves of trinkets with rose gold, grey or black details, and then either a patterned duvet cover or a plain duvet with a bold rug or throw. You can have so much fun with this trend and I think it really celebrates individuality as it places so much focus on the little details of your room. Its grown up but doesn't take itself too serious.

Read more about the trend HERE

How would you work these trends in your room?


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Spring Style Inspo...

Acacia Brinley ~ Jane Birkin ~ Camille Rowe ~ Gabrielle Aplin ~ Alexa Chung

As Spring approaches, so does the opportunity of rebirth and a fashion reboot. It's time to (hopefully) put those winter jumpers to bed, and wander into different territories with your style. I know I definitely need to change up my style after a dull winter, so I've been looking to some long-term loves and some new obsessions for some spring style inspo...

1. Acacia Brinley

I've followed Acacia on instagram for a while, but in the past months I've been going back to her feed more and more as her style has evolved into something beautiful. Swapping effortlessly between floaty mid-length dresses, and more masculine/edgy looks, Acacia takes on so many trends and pulls them all off. I love her use of layering to add a different vibe to a look, for example throwing a baggy jumper over a cute playsuit. She's so versatile and that's something I want to take into spring, no more getting stuck in a style box or feeling restricted. 

2. Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is an icon and an eternal source of inspo. She created so many of the trends that we see creeping back into style today, and her effect on fashion is endless. This Spring you'll see me channelling Jane in a white shirt and blue jeans, or a 70s inspired shift dress. The epitome of effortless style, who doesn't want to be Jane?

3. Camille Rowe

A new girl on my style radar, Camille Rowe is dreamy. With an American mother and a French father, Camille's style encapsulates the best of Parisian chic and classic Americana style. She did a video with vogue showing her fave items in her wardrobe and I fell in love instantly. Her style is the perfect balance between vintage-y boho vibes, and more structured, put-together looks. For everyday inspo, I'll be looking towards Camille.

4. Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is still my ultimate girl crush, she's everything I want to be and more. Her hair, her makeup, her on-stage outfits, her casual outfits, everything is perfect. She says herself that she prefers old pieces and lives in vintage, so I'm going to be rummaging through charity shops and vintage shops in the whole of becoming even a fraction as cool as Gabrielle. Gabrielle takes the best of Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy's style and brings it into 2016 in a way that keeps their spirit but makes it so so wearable. She's a constant dream, a proper 70s girl.

5. Alexa Chung

I think Alexa's style always reaches a new high in spring. I love watching her mix her tomboy attitude with more feminine floaty pieces, and her dedication to denim is a constant source of inspiration. What else can I say? Everyone love Alexa. Just remember the motto- What Would Alexa Wear? (WWAW)

Who's your style inspiration this spring?