Sunday, 31 January 2016

5 Films You Need To See...

 1. Factory Girl

Factory Girl is honestly one of the most beautifully heartbreaking films I've ever seen, I have yet to watch it and not cry. The film follows the career of Edie Sedgwick from her roots, to the height of the fame and friendship with Andy Warhol, to her drug addiction. Everything about this film is perfect, the casting, the costumes, the plot, everything is so perfect that it's hard not to be heartbroken as you see Edie (played by Sienna Miller) in her darkest hours.

I love this film as it shows so many iconic people and places like Warhol and his factory, Bob Dylan and the Hotel Chelsea. It's my dream film and it couldn't have been done any better. I can't believe how under-hyped Factory Girl is, definitely give it a watch!

2. Inside Llewyn Davis

You know a film by the Coen brothers is going to be good, and Inside Llewyn Davis is no exception. It follows one week in the life of a folk singer as he struggles to gain music success. The plot is so up and down, switching seamlessly from comedic to sad scenes, it's hard not to get drawn in.

This film contains two of my favourite things-
  1. folk music
  2. Carey Mulligan
But honestly Inside Llewyn Davis is so visually beautiful and Carey Mulligan is phenomenal as ever. But if you're a folk fan like me, make sure to give the soundtrack a listen as Oscar Isaac is such a talented singer and it contains so many good tunes.

3. Vanilla Sky

The first time I watch Vanilla Sky, it ruined my life for about 2 weeks. Its one of those films that keeps you on your toes, and you really don't even understand the significance of the plot until the MASSIVE plot twist at the end (no spoilers here). The characters are perfectly developed, and it's impossible to not fall in love with Penelope Cruz's character Sofia AKA the most perfect woman ever.

I think this is just one of those films you need to see! It so massively under-rated but to me its one of the greatest films I've ever seen ever.

 4. Control

If you like Joy Division- you need to see this film.
If you don't like Joy Division- still watch this film.

Control is a biographical film about the life of Ian Curtis, so you know it's going to be heartbreaking. The fully black-and-white film follows Ian's marriage, joy division's rise to fame, his affair, his struggles with epilepsy and ends with his death (that's not even a spoiler). But the film is so raw that it completely rips you apart! It has such a strong effect that lingered with me for days after. Well worth a watch,

5. Fight Club

Honestly, if you haven't seen Fight Club what are you doing with your life? It baffles me the amount of people that haven't seen this film when it's so iconic and so so so worthy of the hype surrounding it! Watch Fight Club, that's all I can say.

Let me know your film recommendations!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Strength Project #3 ~ Imogen Kench-Porter...

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have”

One of my biggest blessings is that I was lucky enough to grow up with the greatest best friend anyone could possibly hope for. Imogen Kench-Porter has been my best friend for aaages and she's easily one of the strongest people I've ever met, so much so that her ability to pick herself up and grow from hard situations astounds me and inspires me daily.

As well as being just an all-round incredible woman, Immy is also a dedicated athlete as she trains and rows pretty much 24/7. So I wanted to talk to her about the connection between physical and mental strength, and generally hear what a girl that's such a large part of my support system has to say about what strength means to her,,,

Could you tell me what strength means to you?

To me, strength is having the ability to stand against opposition. Whether that be physically, emotionally or socially. Being a sports person, physical strength has been imperative to my progression. However, I think the most profound and important strength is that which we must find within ourselves. People battle through all sorts of things, each requires a particular kind of strength. I think that defines the person you are. I've grown stronger over the last couple of years, having been through certain things. I've learnt a lot about myself from needing to be strong.

Can you tell me about a time when strength was evident in your life?

Struggling with an eating disorder and also the break down of a number of relationships, I fell into quite a tough place. I found strength in those closest to me, but mostly within myself to get back on track. It took me to get to a particularly difficult spot to realise that I needed to make a change. At that point, I knew I needed to re-evaluate. So I had some tough conversations, made some hard decisions but sorted myself out. I prioritised what was important to me and just had to be strong enough to put myself first. Most people don't know much about that time in my life because I felt the need to keep it to myself, I think that's why I needed to find the strength within me to deal with everything.

As an athlete, do you think there's a link between physical and mental strength?

Definitely! I'd say 80% of succeeding in sport is down to mental strength. You have to be tough enough to put yourself in painful positions in order to succeed. Having the strength to train every day, make sacrifices and push yourself to your limits defines athletes.

Do you think strength is something we're born/raised with or something we develop?

I think it's a mixture. In biological terms physical strength can be said to be inherited through the transfer of genes required to build muscle. I think there is an element of mental strength which you're born with, but the majority of it is something you develop based on experiences you have. I know from experience that some people aren't strong, because they've always had it easy and then when things get hard they can't cope. I think if you have to be strong from a young age, you're better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you. I definitely think strength comes from within, often I think you have to make a choice to be strong.

You've always been important  part of my strength, do you think a solid support base of strong people is necessary for your strength?

Aw! That's a tough one, because I've been through a lot where I've felt the need to be strong myself and not wanted to rely on others. And I think that ability to stand alone at times and take control of your own life is important. But equally, I know the importance of speaking to people and allowing them to help you. I'm extremely lucky to have a boyfriend who has stood by me, even through some of my toughest times. And friends who I've never doubted for a second. There is definitely strength in numbers, but for me the strength is found in small numbers. I find the most strength from those I am closest to, the ones I trust and who I know always want the best for me. So, I do agree that a support network is important to being strong, but personally I prefer that network to be small but close.

Who’s the strongest person you know?

I know a lot of people who are strong in different ways and have had to be strong in so many different situations. Am I allowed two? Well, I'm having two!! Firstly, one friend who will remain nameless but who has been in my life for almost its entirety. She's been through a lot, shitty relationships, depression, self harm, tough times. Through it all, I've tried to stand by her, and she's got through it. Every time something goes wrong, she'll struggle for a bit, but she always finds it in her to get back on track. And I'm exceptionally proud of her for that. My second person will also remain nameless but they've been in my life for 7 years now. The strength I admire in them is their ability to support me, even when their life isn't perfect. They've got me through some of my worst moments. They've had the strength to stand by me, support me and be there through whatever I've put them through. They've pulled down all the walls I'd built up, I understand the strength it's taken for them to not give in. Their strength is in their love.

Could you sum up strength in 3 words?

Overcoming adversity, love


I've been loving making this series so far and I really realllly hope you've all been enjoying it!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

OOTD ~ Sale Fairy...

Playsuit- Zara
Cardigan- H&M
Boots- Topshop

Girl loves a sale and I especially love the Zara sale for giving me this playsuit for only £10, what a beautiful beautiful bargain! 

I've been in love with Zara's loose playsuits for ages and when I saw this floral one in the sale I had to treat myself and oh boy am I glad I did. It fits so nicely around the waist and the shape is so cute but also really comfortable unlike other playsuits I've owned in the past. Basically makes me feel like an absolute fairy.

I think it's such a versatile piece as during these chilly months I'll be wearing it like this- with tights, my trusty ankle boots and a maaassive knitted cardigan, but in the summer I'll be getting my legs out and feeling like the cutest floaty fairy around! The soft material and loose shape allows it to move effortlessly throughout the seasons as well as being super effortless to wear. There's nothing I love more than pieces that look really structures and put together, but are actually ridiculously comfy. 

I really wish there was a Zara store closer to me as I love love love their stock so much, their stuff is always so beautiful but so simple and effortless. And I think their sale deals are probably the best I've seen as loads of stuff is over 50% off with tops as cheap as £5! Definitely have a browse if you're fancying a bargain or if you wanna get yourself a little treat!

What's been your best sale buy?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Playlist ~ 'How To Stay Calm'...

This playlist it my go-to, ultimate chill/study/calm-down playlist. It's probably one of my favourite playlists I've ever made as it's super calming but the songs are still happy so you aren't plummeted into an existential crisis while you listen, allowing you a nice sing-along and lots of smiles and productivity!

It contains so many of my fave new artists like Billie Marten, Flo Morrissey, Alice Kristiansen and Greta Isaac. But also some total classics like Pulp, Joni Mitchell and Lou Reed. It's basically a compilation of some of my all time fave old and new artists and songs I've loved for so long.

I listen to this constantly and now you can too! (you're welcome) Also, this playlist gets added to alll the time for you've always got fresh songs to listen to (you're double welcome)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Berlin Street Style...

Hi I'm Lucy and I'm a Berlin street style addict.

I think Berlin street style is the ultimate inspiration for any winter/autumn wardrobe as it's always so effortless but full of interesting silhouettes and shapes. It also always look cosy as hell which is definitely a plus in the cold months!

Berlin style is built on easy to wear pieces like simple black skinny jeans, high neck jumpers, classic boots and oversized outerwear. Layering is also key (for warmth as well as style) so stock up on basics- baggy t-shirts, big jumpers, shirts etc.

If you're not a big colour fan then this is perfect for you. When you look at Berlin street style you can see greys, blacks, and neutrals in abundance, with only the slightest pops of colour. My favourite looks are the ones that are all black/grey but with a big chunky patterned scarf or a coloured beanie hat. I think balance is what this look is all about- managing to find the balance between tailored and oversized pieces, neutral and bright colours, simple pieces and textured pieces. All about finding the balance that allow the look to remain slightly masculine yet still delicate and cute.

I think the best stores for the Berlin look are ASOS for coats and scarfs, Topshop for jeans and shoes and New Look for jumpers. So have a browse and find some pieces that make you want to hope on a plane over to the continent !

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Strength Project #2 ~ Sophie Earl...

"I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am."

I've followed Sophie Earl on twitter for a while and I've always been awestruck by her infectious positivity. At 18 years old Sophie is a passionate vegan currently travelling the world on a gap year. Her strong opinions and beliefs and her experiences of travelling solo made me desperate to hear her thoughts on strength. 

So here's our chat about what strength means to Sophie...

Could you tell me what strength means to you?

To me, strength isn't about the things you achieve, or the way in which you handle a situation, but instead encompasses the way you are still alive after something truly heartbreaking happens to you. I think that strength can be categorised and perceived in an abundance of different ways, from forcing yourself out of bed after days of not being able to move, to just smiling at someone who truly broke you. But all in all, I think strength is something you cannot pinpoint or capture, it's merely something that shines from a person, strength is everywhere & within everyone and sometimes you may not recognise it in yourself, but believe me when I say others can see it radiating from you.

Could you tell me about a time when strength was really evident in your life?

It's only within the past few months that I really feel I have grown as a person, and developing my strength is definitely something that has gotten me here. A time that really stood out for me was during my gap year travels, when I landed in Sydney. I had already been travelling for about 6 weeks, but this was the point where I was truly alone for the first time. I stepped out of the airport, with my huge bag, and for the first time ever had absolutely no idea what I was doing, where I was & where I was going. I was completely lost, both physically and spiritually. It was getting late, I was in a huge new city on the other side of the world and completely alone... and I had the biggest panic attack of my life just outside of Sydney airport. I honestly could not breathe, think or even distinguish what I had to do next, I ended up sitting in the airport bathrooms for about an hour just sat there crying & not knowing what to do! Eventually I was like okay I have to get out of here and just find my way to my hotel, it would have made complete sense for me to just get in a taxi and go there right? But no, a taxi was over $50 and I was solo travelling Australia & Asia, I could no way afford that when I could get the subway. So just after having a huge panic attack, alone in a huge city, did I get on the subway at rush hour and travel half way across Sydney to where I was staying. Turns out, I learnt more about myself in that week in Sydney than I have in my entire life, it changed me as a person and I would never ever take any of it back. It was only when I was sat with a group of girls that I had met off of Twitter and Instagram in a vegan restaurant in Newtown, did I think I am so glad that I put the trust in myself and my strength, to be here.

Pictures from your gap year look amazing! Do you think education about issues and different cultures/societies can help develop strength?

Thank you so much! I definitely agree that education about the issues faced in different cultures develops strength! I can only really talk from my experience but volunteering in Thailand during my gap year was definitely a pivotal moment in my life. I think the key to developing your character and to really discovering your essence is to immerse yourself in as many different cultures and situations as possible. I found that living and working in a rural village in the south-east of Thailand really opened my mind to what strength means to different people, as the villagers there were living such a different style of life that I am used to, and therefore were facing completely contrasting issues! Spending time with people who had so little in terms of materialistic goods, however who possessed so much more spiritually than I have ever seen in people was truly life changing, and made me realise how much importance people in the western world put upon materialistic and luxurious commodities when in fact people who do not have these things are often so much happier within themselves. Just getting the chance to play games and talk to the local Thai children helped developed my strength as I really saw how you do not need much to be happy and that I often take things for granted.

You’re a great advocate of living a vegan lifestyle, do you think there's such a thing as ‘eating strong’?

Of course! To me veganism is so much more than just a way of eating. It's a lifestyle that is based on compassion and empathy for every sentient being on this earth and it definitely encompasses strength. It does take a lot of strength to put others before yourself, and that really is was veganism is all about, putting the suffering and cruelty experienced by animals within the meat, dairy and egg industries before trivial things such as taste, convenience and habit. I believe that eating strong is only one element of it, as you have to hold strength in all aspects of your life also! Treating your body right is extremely vital to strength as we need to treat our bodies in the way we wish to live! I myself, along with many others have experienced bad relationships with food, however once you start treating yourself with love and admiration, the strength will blossom from that!

When do you feel strongest?

I feel strongest when I am surrounded by people that empower me and empower themselves! When you are young and constantly surrounded by people who may impact negatively on you (for example in school) it is very easy to forget how strong you are and how much you can achieve in your life, however now I have finally left school I have realised that you really do have to surround yourself with people who make you love yourself and feel your best! Having the choice to surround yourself with people who love and support you is the best feeling, and being part of such a beautiful supportive community online really has helped me understand that and cherish those around me. As one of my favourite people online, Luke Cutforth, once said : "Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, inspire you and keep you happy. If you know people who do none of these things, let them go". Removing toxic people from your life is one of the strongest and most important things you can do, and I hope everyone finds the strength to do that.

Do you think part of strength is having the ability to be strong and supportive for others, and be a positive, empowering influence on the lives of others?

Definitely! I think that is the key to having strength. So much energy in this world is used through negativity that is is often much easier to be hurtful towards someone than it is to show them love and support. I think that it really shows strength if you can put yourself into the mindset of others to help support and empower them in every aspect of their lives.

Could you sum up what strength means to you in 3 words?

Oh wow that's a hard question! I would have to say : selflessness, empowerment and compassion.

Sophie is one of those people that is so passionate and driven that it blows me away. Definitely take a look at her YouTube and blog where she talks about her travels and shares loads of vegan recipes!

Find Sophie-

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My De-Stress Ritual...

Mock exams have begun and so here comes the stress! Spending weekends and evening revision can become so sooo dull and draining so I've developed some what of a ritual to break the cycle and take some time to calm down...

I love a good magazine, especially magazines that are more than just "buy this" "wear this" blah blah. At the moment I'm loving Oh Comely magazine as it's the perfect mixture of pretty and really thought provoking articles and interviews. I think flipping through a magazine is the perfect way to relax while still keeping your mind going. WH Smiths now has such a great range of independent magazines like Sunday Girl, Oh Comely, Frankie etc, definitely recommend swapping your usual magazine for something more thought provoking one day!

For Christmas I received this beautiful black leather notepad and I'm in loooove. Whenever I have pretty notepads I always feel so much more motivated to write and create, so I've been writing a lot more recently and trying to push myself to create more and work at different things. Writing is a great way to relax as it lets you transfer your thoughts and feelings into something you'll hopefully be proud of!

Nothing causes more chaos with your skin than stress does, so during exam times I reach for face-masks a lot! My favourite is definitely Mask Of Magnaminty from lush as it's super soothing and cooling as it's so minty. This mask always leaves my skin feeling so soft and glowy, so slapping some of this on is a must for a stressful time. 

This isn't really a stress ritual, but more a weekly ritual. I always paint my nails and ever since Christmas I've struggled to use any polish other that this one- Topshop's Nice n Neutral. It's the prettiest nude/mink pink, such a simple classic colour. I love how easily topshop nail polishes apply, they're so sleek and fast drying that you get a perfect coat everytime. I find painting my nails so so relaxing and I love some fresh nails.

While doing my nails I always put on a box set and obviously I always go for good old Sex and The City. SATC is my fave programme ever ever and I think I must have seen every episode at least 2 or 3 times, I'm absolutely addicted! So I love winding down with my good pal Carrie.

My sister gave me this pineapple and coconut tea for Christmas and I love it! It's so refreshing and relaxing, I can't get enough. It's from a company called Love Leaf Tea which sells loads of different herbal and fruit teas in looaaads of flavours! They're such good value for money so I definitely recommend getting yourself one to try if you're after a nice calming drink.

What's your de-stress ritual?

Monday, 11 January 2016

For Bowie...

You are the stars now,
and so you transcend the gateway.

All you were, all you have been, all you made yourself,
merge to one.
Skin and bones to the earth,
but eyes that were always that of the divine-
The divine of Art
The divine of Knowing.
And to the divine they return,
screaming you are the stars now.

What a thing it must be,
to mould the world that moulded you.

And so you transcended,
all that was, all that had been, all that was made before.
Asteroid to the earth,
destroy in order to create.

All the books now re-written in your name,
and the people calling out-

You are the stars now,
We're still looking up at you.


David Bowie undoubtedly touched the earth. Not only did he has a massive influence on music, but he also had a huge effect on the way we now view things like artistic expression, gender and sexuality. His art continues to be astonishing and unlike anything else, through decade after decade there has never been anyone that could contest Bowie's brilliance and I think it's unlikely that anyone ever will, even now after his passing.

Everyone has a favourite Bowie song, and I think the sadness of his passing has touched everyone in some way. Yet his legacy and his art lives on, it could never truly be a goodbye.

Rest in peace Starman, you were a gift.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Strength Project #1 ~ Simmy Hoonjan...

Over the past years strength has become a quality so so important to me as I've attempted to embody it, as well as aiming to surround myself with incredibly strong, positive people. I think it's a trait that often goes under-appreciated, but to me, it's one of the most valuable qualities you can have; both physically and mentally. Strength to me is a synonym for overcoming; strength is getting back up, knowing how to care for yourself, accepting your own emotions. But strength has so many connotations and means different things and resonates differently with everyone. Everyone has a personal story about strength and I truly believe those stories deserve to be celebrated.

I'm lucky enough to know so many incredible people and I see lots of signs of strength daily on social media- so I decided to chat to some people about the idea of strength and what it means to them, in their life...

"Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness"
The second I decided to start this project, I knew Simmy Hoonjan had to be the first person I talked to. At only 15, Simmy is one of the most incredibly strong, inspiring, positive girls I've ever had the privilege of talking to and working with. She's a blogger, writer and self-love advocate.

Here's our chat about what strength means to her-

Could you tell me what strength means to you?

Strength is such a broad word and I feel as if there are so many different interpretations. Of course there is physical strength but I personally believe that personal strength is much more important. This is the strength that pushes you to keep trying even when you feel like giving up. It's the strength that allows you to get through whatever life is throwing at you whilst knowing that you are going come out much stronger. To me strength is something that you will develop whilst you are in different situations which you may find uncomfortable and given no other option but to get yourself out of them by holding on to possibilities.

Has there been a time when strength has been really evident in your life?

I never really valued the idea of strength until I reached year 10 which was last year. At the beginning of the year I didn't feel like myself. I changed incredibly and found it difficult to be content with myself. I moved on regularly and didn't settle down easily because I was afraid of being happy. I was extremely self critical to myself and allowed everything to get to me personally. My 14 year old self began to crumble away slowly and it felt as if any event would wear away at me even more. I got so weak and my mind was completely consumed with negative thoughts that did me no good whatsoever. I guess you could call it my lowest point so far? I would cry every single day and was in cycle that seemed impossible to break. I felt hopeless and I hated myself because I didn't feel good enough for anything. BUT - I got out. I continued to change and evolve into the person I am now by swapping my negative thoughts with positive thoughts. I found out that happiness can only be sourced from within. I began to be open about the battles I was facing and realised what a healthy relationship was. I met a selection of amazing people and began to see life in a whole new way. I realised that my journey was different to every other person and embarked on a journey of self love. I learnt about myself and spent time with myself to give myself a value. I am the best that I have ever been right now. It only shows what a difference a year can make!

I think you're so so strong as not only have you overcome so much in yourself, but you've created this amazing online space, with your blog and twitter, that's full of messages of positivity and strength for others! Do you think a key part of strength is spreading it onto others and being supportive and strong for those around you?
This question has made me smile so much oh my thank you!! + I truly do believe that spreading positivity to others helps me maintain my own strength. Seeing someone else smile due to an action of my own is one of the best rewards I could receive. I think caring for other people is so important. How can one expect everyone else to care for them if they don't care for anyone else? A healthy relationship includes having an equal yield of caring on both parts. I genuinely love being there for anyone who needs someone because if I can make even the smallest difference to a life I know how much it would have helped me when I was hurting inside. I do believe that words can make such a large impact on other people. Our word's are so powerful that we can do so much for other people. Just one friend can be the difference between life and death. If only more people knew that.

When do you feel strongest?

I feel strong when I'm happy and essentially living in a moment. I feel strong when I look over the past and evaluate how I got through everything and am still here to this day making the most out of this gift of life. Although I don't believe you should dwell on the past, I think that sometimes you need a little boost to remind yourself of everything that you've conquered if you are feeling overwhelmed because I do believe that everything happens for a reason. The past is the past. It is not the present. Now is up to us and our decisions are up to us completely. I don't really believe there is a specific time when I'm at my strongest however I think each situation draws out the strength we need within us.

Do you think strength is something you're born/raised with or something you develop?

I definitely think everyone is born with strength, however I believe that it only develops when you are put into tough situations and given no way out apart from using your own strength. Everyone has it in them but I don't think people realise it! I think each individual has so much power and strength it's unbelievable, I only wish people knew how much they could achieve if they stopped doubting themselves. I really believe that people can make it through anything - everyone can get up from the lowest of the lows. We are all capable of so much, however when you are in a low place your vision is clouded and you don't feel as if you can actually get out, but I assure you that you can.

Who's the strongest person you know?

If I'm honest I don't have one particular person in mind because one lesson I've learnt from someone is to not compare the journeys of others. We are all going to face things in life and nobody is at the same point. I have learnt that comparison regarding personal aspects including strength does more damage that it does good because nobody will deal with the exact same situations as they go through life. We are all facing different problems, and although some of the issues we face may be similar, they will never be the same. I don't think I can compare things that don't have the same grounding however I do believe that everyone is strong.

Could you give me 3 signs of strength that you don't think other people might necessarily associate with strength? 

I love this question!! Okay so everyone has their own interpretations of what strength is however when you are enduring a tough experience even just getting out bed is tough and requires strength. Going about your normal routine can seem impossible when your negative thoughts have consumed you. Just going about your life and leaving the house when you want to give up is strength to me. Although at the same time having a break and relaxing also shows strength in a similar way. Allowing yourself to take time out is a way of informing yourself that you matter and have self worth. By recognising your own needs and putting them at the top of your priorities - to me this shows strength when self love is so forbidden in our current day society. Being kind to yourself shows strength. I also think talking about what is going on in your head shows incredible strength despite the fact that people often assume that keeping everything in is what defines strength. If you are facing a problem please do not keep it in because there are oh so many people out there that dedicate their lives to others. There is no single type of strength and I think I may have missed the '3 sign' part of the question but oh well!


I can't recommend enough that you follow Simmy and take some time to read her work, or even just some of her tweets!

Find Simmy-
Let me know your thoughts about strength, and tell me about the amazing, strong people in your life! If you want to get involved in the project, don't hesitate to contact me!

More chats coming soon!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Fashion & Film #6 ~ Bonnie And Clyde

The first Fashion & Film post of 2016 is dedicated to one of my favourite tales, Bonnie and Clyde. If you know me, you know I'm an absolute sucker for films about all consuming love and murdering couples, a theme in my all time fave films True Romance and Heather. But Bonnie and Clyde are the original couple and the 1967 film is so so good it deserved a post!

Faye Dunaway, who plays Bonnie, is ridiculously beautiful and her style in the film is so effortless and classically Parisian (even though the film is set in America??). It's elegant and simple, the perfect style to recreate.

To get the Bonnie Parker look you've gotta think berets, camisoles, trench coats and silky materials. I think the best shop for the look is Zara as it oozes that classic, effortless vibe, but topshop always has some gorgeous silky camisole tops.

I think Bonnie's style is so wearable simply because it is so classic. Swap her long black skirts for black skinny jeans or cigarette trousers, throw on a V neck silky top or a tight knitted jumper, maybe a beret and a neck scarf if you really want to go for it, and voila! Her vibe is almost accidentally sexy, it's effortless but so so so flattering! Easily the thing I love most about Bonnie's outfits are the low neck lines showing the perfect amount of d├ęcolletage, love love love a collar bone!

Make-up is a vital part of the Bonnie look as Faye Dunaway has that perfect 60s cat eye and nude lip. There's so so many good tutorials for this look but I love Lisa Eldridge's look that she did on Alexa Chung as it really defines the eyes and Alexa really has this look down!

Quite simply Bonnie & Clyde is an amazing film, if you haven't seen it you really really must. and Faye Dunaway's amazing face and style makes the whole thing 100x better!