Thursday, 30 April 2015

4 Products I Will Always Repurchase...

Everyone has those products that you couldn't live without, and constantly have to stock up on. For me, I have 4 products that I go into panic if I run out out. They are total must haves and I always repurchase them.

Garnier Micellar cleansing water
Firstly, I couldn't go a day without my Garnier Micellar water. I'd been wanting to test out a micellar water as it was so hyped up in the beauty community. But honestly it's so so so worth the hype! This stuff removes my make up so easy (including eye makeup) but isn't at all harsh on the skin, and doesn't leave my face feeling all tingly and weird like some make-up wipes do. After using this my skin feels so smoothed and refreshed, it's such a lovely product to use. Also for the bottle is massive and it lasts ages so for £4.99 this micellar water is really good value so restocking doesn't hurt my bank balance. I will never ever convert back to make-up wipes, micellar water is the one!

AND at the moment you can get this for £3.33 at boots, so I'm going to stock up while it cheaper!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder
I'm pretty sure that this is a must-have product for everyone! For me I love this powder as it is actually transparent, some other powers seem to turn me orange as I'm so ridiculously pale. But this rimmel powder is just an all-round good product. For me, this is an everyday essential to set my make-up and make sure my face is perfectly matte.

Freederm skincare
Technically this is 3 products but ever since converting to freedom skin care I haven't been able to stop repurchasing it. For me, this stuff works so so well and always clears up breakouts. All the products are really soothing and calming on the skin and always leave my face feeling lovely. I especially love the overnight clearing serum which is super hard to find but is really good and reduces redness and blemishes over night. The freedom stuff is quite pricey but I personally think its really worth it as I love love love the products.

Collection lasting perfection concealer
This concealer is another product totally worth the hype. The coverage is so good and it lasts ages. I love this product as it matches my skin tone really well, which is rare when you're as pale as me! I'm onto like my 5th tube of this as it works so well for me and I've never really been tempted to stray and try to find a new concealer as this one is cheap and good quality. Everyone and their aunt has this concealer, but if you haven't tried it out you really should!

What products could you not live without?

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Day In Photos ~ My 17th Birthday...

makin a wish

gifts, cards and a smoothie

first listen of the new amber run album (its so good)

birthday face

Birthday shopping with gal pals

Bestest lil rachelle

pixie's diner- a 60s dream


a little gift to myself

 Yesterday was my 17th birthday and I just wanted to share some photos as I had a lovely day of gifts, shopping and my first driving lesson! Feeling so happy and grateful for everyone around me! Thank you to the greatest gal pals ever Rachelle and Holly for making my day so so lovely and for making me laugh a lot. You should definitely check out Holly's blog (link HERE) as she my style icon and her blog is amazing! Also a big thank you and hugs to the people that wished me happy birthday on twitter and obviously to my family for my lovely gifts!

(I got a selfie stick, it's the greatest thing ever)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

9 Positive Changes I Vow To Make...

1) Exercise more

I'm rubbish at exercising and i just never do it, but I'm determined to start working out regularly. I've put on some weight recently and although its not massively noticeable I really want to become healthier and become proud of my figure again. Better dust off those trainers!

2) Pay more attention to how I'm feeling and what I need

I'm often so busy with school work etc that I don't realise how I'm feeling until I suddenly crack. I'm also guilty of ignoring how I feel, and what I need to do to make myself feel happier. But no longer! I vow to start paying more attention to myself and taking the necessary steps to make myself feel the best I possibly can. 

3) Try to remember that quality is better than quantity

Another thing I'm guilty of is having the "I have no friends" breakdown. I need to start reminding myself that its better to have a few true, loyal, real friends than a whole bunch of fake friends! The friends I have are some of the most positive, inspiring, amazing, beautiful people ever and I must start appreciating that rather than moaning about the number! 

4) Eat better

This links to my vow to exercise more. I really want to become healthier, and that means cutting down on all the junk. I'm not talking about going on any insane diet, just trying to eat healthier and not snack as much. (I'll miss you after-school snacks xo) So if you've got any healthy recipes or tips, please let me know!

5) Smile and laugh more

There's nothing more therapeutic than laughing until you cry! So I vow to spend more time with people that make me happy, watch happier films, listen to happier music and ALWAYS smile at myself in the mirror (it makes your day so much better, try it! give yourself a grin!)

6) Sort out my priorities 

Lucy, your A-levels are more important than instagram! I need to start being more focused and start making to-do lists are I really want to organise my time better so I can be more active on this blog. 

7) Try to read more

I love reading but often it feels like I have no time to fully get into a good book. But I promise to allow more time for reading as there so many books I've been wanting to read for ages!

8) Be a more positive influence on those around me

I can be a real Debby downer at times, but my friends have really shown me how positivity radiates. So i vow to be more positive, listen to peoples problems and help them out rather than just complaining along side them, take extra steps to cheer up those around me, and generally try to radiate good vibes!

9) Let things go

This is definitely easier said than done and although I'm getting better at it, sometimes it feels like I'm still carrying the past and negativity of the past around with me. I need to start taking steps towards leaving things behind me and looking forward more than I look back. It's tricky but I think its necessary. 

What positive changes are you making?

Friday, 17 April 2015

Meet The Blogger #1 ~ The Kats Paws...

Today is the start of a new feature here on Things The Books Forgot where each month (hopefully) I'll be introducing and interviewing a new blogger. I really wanted to do something to help out other blogs like my own and introduce you to some amazing bloggers you may not have heard of before. So I really really hope you enjoy this as I'm super excited about getting to work with some lovely girls, and please let me know what you think!

First up in my Meet The Blogger series is Kathryn from The Kats Paws

 What inspired you to start your blog?

I love shopping and beauty products, and people would always ask me where I got something from or what I would recommend product-wise, therefore I decided to start a blog as even if I help or inspire one person, then I have achieved something.

What’s your favourite thing about running your blog?

 I think the whole blogging community is brilliant - it is like having thousands of new friends, who are always happy to help if you have a question or a problem.

Who is your favourite blogger/the blogger that inspired you most? 

I love Sprinkle of Glitter, as she is so genuinely lovely, and manages to be a young woman, a Mummy, a blogger, and much more, and still manages to inspire me every single day. I was lucky enough to meet her last month in the car park of a play centre and she was so kind to me, even though I was interrupting the time she was spending with her little girl Darcy and fellow You Tuber Jack Howard.

What is your favourite type of post to write? Why?

I quite like to do Get Ready With Me posts as you then get to do a full make-up routine, and it can be as complex (i.e. skincare, cosmetics, eyelashes) or as basic as you like. I also like to read these types of posts as they inspire me to try new products or trends.

Who inspires you most? Why?

Generally speaking, my parents inspire me the most. I was adopted at 3 months old and my adoptive Mum had cancer three times throughout my life, and my childhood was still filled with love and fun. My Mum died when I was 17 and although it was a hard time, my Dad and I got through it, and he has been there for me so many times when I have got in trouble or needed my Mum.

What is your favourite shop? 

My favourite shop is actually an American shop called Bath and Body Works, as it has so many amazing smelling candles, shower gels, body spritzes and much, much more. It is also pretty cheap and does products that I have ever seen anything similar to in the UK. I go to Orlando for two weeks on 26th April and so I will definitely be stocking up!

What item of clothing are you longing for at the moment?

I don't know if this counts, but I am really wanting one of the new Kate Spade scallop bags - luckily they have a Kate Spade outlet in Orlando which sells everything so much cheaper than over here so hopefully they will have the scallop bags there. Clothes-wise I don't really need anything at the moment as I have been doing plenty of holiday shopping lately - lots of pretty dresses, and cotton pastel coloured blouses and tops.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take 3 things with you, what would they be? Why?

Ooooh this is a hard one - a lot of people tend to be clever with this one and say things that would help them get off the island, but I would say my kitten Millie as she makes me super happy, my phone as I cannot live without it, and a lifetime supply of contact lenses so I could see where I was going!

What’s your main goal for the future?

Just to be healthy and happy. The world we live in can sometimes be quite a horrid one and this can have an affect on us. After a really bad relationship last year, I now suffer from anxiety attacks and so I am concentrating on being healthy and ensuring I can be as happy as possible.

What’s one piece of advice you wish you could give your younger self?

Just to not worry what other people think. I was so obsessed with being the nice girl when I was younger, pleasing everyone but myself, and at the end of the day, they will just walk all over you as a lot of people these days are only concerned about themselves, which I think is really quite sad.

Find Kathryn-
Twitter- @kjw130384
Instagram- @the_kats_paws
Facebook- The Kat's Paws

Please let me know if there's any particular questions you want me to ask the next bloggers, and your opinions on this new feature!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

OOTD ~ The T-Shirt Dress...

T-Shirt Dress- H&M
Coat- H&M
Boots- Garage Shoes

You know when you've been after something for ages and you finally find it? Yep that's me with this dress. I've been wanted a big baggy t-shirt dress for ages after seeing endless pictures of them on pinterest.

It's such an effortless piece which I love for college but also as the weather gets warmer as I can just throw this dress on and I know I'll be comfortable all day and not have to worry about it being difficult to style or layer over.

I love this one I got from H&M especially because of the striped patter, which we all know I'm obsessed with. I love the navy and white stripes especially as its a lot less harsh than black and white, adding a little colour to my wardrobe, but also giving off a more nautical/Parisian vibe.

On this particular day I styled the dress which chunky heeled Chelsea hoots to elongate my legs and add a tougher element to a light dress, and my burgundy boyfriend coat just to keep me warm but also again to add a more masculine, tougher touch as well as another colour. But that's what I love about t-shirt dresses, they're really simple so they're super easy to style. You can swap boots for flat loafers and the look instantly becomes more delicate, or swap the dark coat for a light cardigan or a camel coloured coat and the outfit is much more 'spring' with lighter colours. Its so versatile I love it!

My mum hates this dress, but I love it. And my motto is "if you like it, wear it" so I shall wear it endlessly. soz mum x

What have you been buying lately?

Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Latest Film Watches #2...

We all know that I love a good move, and during school holidays I basically just binge watch Netflix. So I thought I would share my top films I've watched recently.

Stuck in love

I watched this film a while back but i recently re-watched it and ahh its so good! It's definitely a chick flick but Stuck In Love does have an edge, with heavier themes such drug addiction running throughout, so its not too soppy love story. I also thought the casting of this film was perfect! Logan Lerman, Lily Collins and Nat wolff are 3 of my favourite actors and are all amazing in this film, Especially Lily, her character was so beautifully developed (and she's gorgeous!). I love how Stuck In Love follows 3 different story-lines, so it never gets boring as each story and character is so unique, each with a different message behind it. I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking for something a little bit emotional but also very cute.


This instantly became one of my favourite films. Its genius. Its funny and dark and just everything i love in a film. It's the story of a popular girl that falls for a the new guy and the pair end up killing the cruel popular rulers of their high school. It's great! Winona Ryder is perfection in every film, but she's so perfect in this role of Veronica, the angsty popular girl. She delivers so many killer lines!

Also! Heathers is now a musical, and the soundtrack is so so good! So definitely check that out, and obviously watch the film!

Tiny Furniture 

I LOVE LENA DUNHAM! I've been wanting to watch this film for ages, and I finally got round to it, I wasn't disappointed. it was so funny, and witty, it made me laugh, like really laugh. But its also a perfect coming of age story, following a girl trying to get by and work out what she's going to do. This film is so underrated, perfect film for a girls night or if you just want a chilled pamper night by yourself.

Romeo & Juliet 

I don't know why or how I've never managed to watch this film before. Baz Luhrmann is one of my favourite directors, so I thought I'd finally watch it. WOW seriously if you haven't seen this adaptation then you really need to. It's so cleverly done, and the settings are incredibly. I love the aesthetics of this film so much, and the mixture between the modern and the old that Baz does so well. Its amazing, that's all I can say.

What films have you watched recently?

Little Announcement- I'm selling some of my clothes over on depop @lucyharbron, so head over there and check them out! x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

This Material Culture...

A couple weeks ago I received the nicest email from the lovely Rebecca telling me all about This Material Culture, the jewellery company she launched in 2014 and runs with her husband Sam, and after taking a peek at their site I was instantly sold on their brand and products.

My taste in jewellery is very simple and minimal. I've never been a fan of extravagant necklaces dripping with diamonds, Rebecca told me that she felt the same and believed that jewellery can have value even without costing a ridiculous amount, focusing more on thought, concept and especially individuality than grand jewels and a massive price tag. So I was naturally drawn to This Material Culture's simple yet super super cute pieces.

Arrow Necklace(*)- £5

When i had a look around This Material Culture's website I was instantly drawn to the Arrow necklace. I'd been looking for a simple necklace like this for ages and the arrow is a symbol that means a lot to me, so really this is my dream necklace, massive massive thank you to Rebecca and Sam for being kind enough to gift it to me, I'm in love!

I've never been more excited about receiving a parcel and I wasn't disappointed. This is honestly the most beautiful necklace ever! I love how delicate and subtle it is, but it is still detailed and adds a little extra to an outfit. I think it looks so lovely on its own, but is also super easy to layer with other necklaces for a bolder effect. That what I love about the pieces from This Material Culture, they're super versatile and easy to style, also they're so many different pendants and designs that you really can choose something personal that means a lot to you, like I did with the arrow symbol.

For £5, this necklace really is amazing value for money. The quality really surprised me as on the high-street a necklace for £5 would be a piece of junk. But the quality really is so good, it feels strong and doesn't look like the gross painted metal you get in stores like Primark. It's a really sturdy necklace but still looks so beautifully fragile and feels weightless. I'll definitely be turning to This Material Culture again for presents or even just to treat myself as there's quite a few other necklaces I'm eyeing up. For £5, you can easily treat yourself without the guilt.

Its so difficult to find jewellery that isn't super OTT or that isn't covered in jewels, but This Material Culture has really fixed that gap in the market and totally understand that accessories don't need to be expensive or extravagant to be special and look really nice! And they don't just do necklaces! They also stock beautiful bangles, earrings and accessories for men as well as women. There really is something for everyone. Love travelling? try out the Around The World collection! Obsessed with the Great Gatsby? The Gatsby bangle is for you! More of a bohemian style? treat yourself to the Bohemia collection. No doubt This Material Culture will have something for you, allowing you to really reflect your personality without breaking the bank. What more could you want?

Once again, a massive thank you to Rebecca and Sam for being so kind as to send me this gorgeous necklace, and for asking me to get involved with such a lovely business, I see great things for them in the future. I wish you all the best and you've definitely earned yourself a new loyal customer and supporter.
You can find This Material Culture on facebook HERE , or check out their store over at
But also make sure to keep up with Sam and Rebecca on Twitter and Instagram at @thismaterialculture.

I can't recommend this brand enough. If you're looking for authentic British, handmade jewellery to reflect your individuality then there really is no better place.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Soundtrack ~ March...

The months are going too quick! How is it April already?! However it is time again for me to share what I listened to in March, so lets get into it!

I Though I Was An Alien ~ Soko

I've been a big fan of Soko's song We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow for aaaagggeeeesss but it wasn't until this past month that I sat and fully paid her some attention and I instantly fell in love! This is such a beautiful, emotive album. Her newest album is also very very good but her debut is definitely my favourite, the lyrics are so beautiful, they kill me! If you love chilled out, singer songwriter music then you need to check out Soko!

Listen to- First Love Never Die, For Marlon, and Don't You Touch Me.

Horses ~ Patti Smith

Patti Smith is one of my biggest inspirations, I adore her book and her general attitude to life. I always find myself going back to this album as I love her mix of poetry and music, and she does it perfectly on this album. Reading her book and learning the stories behind some of the songs makes the album 100x more incredible so I'd definitely recommend reading Just Kids as it is honestly the most beautiful book I've ever read!

Listen to- Gloria, My generation (the who cover) and the entirety of land (it's 9 minutes long but totally amazing)

Also make sure to listen to her cover of Be My Baby!

This isn't music related at all but i just need to share this video as its so inspirational and helped me a lot. Seriously I respect Patti Smith so much, she's incredible. 

Grace ~ Jeff Buckley

This past month I returned to many of my all time favourite albums, including this masterpiece. What can I say, Jeff Buckley was just an amazing artist. Each song on Grace is so beautiful, It makes me a little sad that most people only know Jeff because of his iconic cover of Leonard Cohen's song Hallelujah when he has so many other beautiful tracks. If you've never listened to this album then you really really must, it's a classic.

Listen to- So Real, Lilac Wine and Lover, You Should've Come Over.

Snapshot ~ The Strypes

This album has been my jam since 2013 but I just booked tickets to go see the strypes so I've had this album on repeat. Its such an upbeat album, it just makes me want to go on a road trip and dance and move to Ireland. If you've never heard of the Strypes then they are a band made up of young boys and they're super super talented! All their songs are reminiscent of good old fashion rock n roll, so you know they're good. 

Listen to- Hometown girls, Blue Collar Jane, and Perfect Storm.

Alexa Chung Playlists On 8Tracks

I'm still totally addicted to my 8tracks app and recently I stumbled across some Alexa Chung themed playlists full of Brit pop, 60s music and a totally eclectic mix of good tunes. I've been listening to them when I get ready to get me in the Alexa Chung vibe but really its just great music! Make sure to check them out on 8tracks! 

What have you been listening to in March? Let me know!