Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Soundtrack ~ January...

Guys its coursework season and taking both English lit AND English Lang means I'm spending 85% of my time working. However this does mean that I've been using my spotify account a lot this month so i thought I'd share what I've been listening to!

Classics ~ She & Him

I adore She & Him (Zooey Deschanel's band) but their newest album of covers of "classics" (get it ey) is so beautiful. Its such a chilled out album and really shows off Zooey's amazing vocal range. The album has a really vintage vibe, as all She & Him tracks do, but this album takes it to a whole new level covering a range of different songs each with a very retro feel. Its so calming and has been really helping me concentrate on getting work done!

Listen to- She, This girls in love with you and Stay Awhile

Hozier ~ Hozier

I've been waiting for Hozier's debut album for ages and ages after falling in love with his Take me to church EP. Everyone knows that i have a total weakness for male singer/songwriters but Hozier has such a unique voice and his lyrics have so much meaning and depth to them that i couldn't not become totally addicted! The album has just a variety of sounds from the super mellow like real people do to the slightly heavy tracks such as To be alone. Hozier's hit take me to church has become the anthem of my philosophy class as the line "i was born sick, but i love it, command me to be well" is actually a reference to what we study (fun fact!) 

Listen to- Jackie and Wilson, Foreigner's God and Cherry Wine

Also if you haven't already heard them, definitely check out Hozier's covers from Radio 1's live lounge as he always totally outshines the original artist (in my opinion, sorry Ariana Grande)

God Help The Girl Soundtrack

I love listening to soundtracks and film scores as i find them really calming and easy to listen to while working. But ever since watch God Help The Girl I've been totally obsessed (see a post i wrote about fashion inspo from the film HERE) The soundtrack is so incredible! The film was written by Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian so the music is quite folky and cheerful. You cant be sad while listening to this soundtrack, its just a delight. I would urge you to watch God Help The Girl if you haven't already, its fabulous.

Listen to- Pretty Eve In The Tub, The Psychiatrist Is In and Come Monday Night

Salad Days ~ Mac DeMarco

This album has been my go-to for a heavier/indie rock listen. It has a nice mix of chilled and upbeat songs to keep me going through boring work, Also Mac DeMarco has such a different voice that he goes just feel like another indie artist, he's refreshing. I'm not massively keen on his other albums but Salad Days is just perfect, so if you're more of a alternative kinda listener this ones for you!

Listen to- Salad Days and Let My Baby Stay

Four ~ One Direction

I'm so ashamed of myself (I'm totally not) but i love this album. I've always been firm in my hatred of 1D but after being forced to listen to Four i kinda fell in love. This album is actually good! It actually sounds like real music, not just commercial pop! The lyrics are actually relatable and kinda beautiful in some places! If you've previously discarded the band, I'd say that Four is definitely worth giving them a chance. My love of this album may have led to a love of Harry Styles but that's a different story... 

Listen to- Stockholm Syndrome, Change Your Ticket, and Clouds

What have you been listening to?

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I've had a page for the blog a long time ago but it was very outdated and kinda ew so i thought it would be easier to just start afresh so i hope to see you all there for updates about my life as well as links to all my new blog posts. I really want to connect to you guys more and I'm really excited about the future of this lil blog at the moment!

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Reinvention...

After chopping my long locks off over a month ago in the new of a fresh start (see that post HERE) I've been loving my shorter do and so with a rush of bravery i said goodbye to my locks once again.

After ridding my hair of all split in i was surprised at how fast it grew! However the longer it grew the more volume it lost so once again i felt the need for a change, but not just a change a reinvention.

My last re-style was inspired by a need to break patterns, for a new start after a breakup. I think this spur of the moment chop was inspired by a longing to recreate myself, introduce me to myself again after being someone else's Lucy for so long. The freedom is refreshing and i wanted my hair to signify that.

So this time i was a lot braver, opting for a totally different look, rather than just a trim. I went armed with this picture of youtuber and mega babe Sunbeamsjess, wanting a short do with bangs to frame my face.

In the name of change i also went to a different salon and i was so impressed! I went to Tate Hair & Beauty which is basically a dream selling beautiful clothes as well as offering hair and beauty treatments. The whole experience was made by how lovely my hairdresser- Jess-was! There was no awkward hairdresser chat, we actually had a real girly conversation (she said i looked like Cara Delevingne and i almost died of happiness) but the most important thing was that she really understood the look i was going for and definitely achieved it!

And here's the final look! A "wob" (wavy bob) as Jess described it just resting on my collar bones with shorter bangs coming to my cheekbones. I love love love it! Its given my hair so much more volume and looks way thicker. Also It makes me feel so much more grown up and sophisticated but still totally rock n roll! It makes me want to move to Paris and start a band or something like that...

And the moral of the story it sometimes you need a little reinvention! Sometimes you need to just take a risk cause nothing feels better than a little change, or a big one!

For all my local gals you can check out Tate's website HERE

Let me know what you think (please be nice!)

Friday, 23 January 2015

OOTD- "Everyone Wants To Be Alexa Chung"...

I could write a whole post dedicated purely to my love of Alexa, but I think this quote just sums up my feelings...

Alexa Chung is a goddess and fills me with style envy 24/7, but recently her AC for AG jeans collection just killed me, especially the A-linen denim skirt!

i drooled over these pictures for days before on a simple shopping trip to ASDA with my mum i found one IDENTICAL(seriously!) it was definitely fate.

It fits like an a glove and only cost £3?! WHAT CRAZY! 

I kept my styling pretty simple with a wide neck black jumper tucked into it just to add a baggy element to play on the silhouette. I also wore thicker tights purely for warmth but i think it added to the cosy look of the outfit which i liked. This outfit just feels super preppy, like I could be a good girl in grease or something, which is obviously ALWAYS a good vibe!

When i went out to college i threw my massive black coat over the top and some simple black brogues (sadly not photographed, i apologise)

The thing i really love about this skirt, besides making me feel that little bit closer to being Alexa Chung, is the simplicity of it, opening up such a massive range of styling options! 

I actually wore this skirt again today (these photos were taken a couple weeks ago, don't worry it has been washed aha) pairing it with a plain black crop top and oversized knitted cardigan allowing a little bit of midriff.  I think this gave the skirt a more relaxed, almost boho vibe with the loose cardigan. 

crop top-H&M
When I wear this Cardigan it makes me want to spin around like Stevie Nicks because of how baggy it is... honestly I think that why I love it so much

I've rambled so much in this post (sorry sorry) so to conclude- there's nothing better than finding the piece you've been lusting after, Alexa Chung is a babe, I want to be Stevie Nicks and I adore this skirt!

Have you found any good pieces lately?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Recent Fashion Inspo From Films...

My daily life is extremely boring, 90% of the time you'll find me either doing history notes for college or watching a movie (or both). We all know that I love love love films, everything about them! I got a lot of my fashion inspo from characters in films. Recently I watch two amazing films that filled me with inspo...

The first film, which I'm totally obsessed with, is God Help The Girl a musical written by Stuart Murdoch- the lead singer/songwriter of Belle and Sebastian. After 5 minutes I knew this film would instantly become one of my all-time favourites and it has! It follows young singer/songwriter Eve as she escapes a psychiatric ward and starts a new life and a band. IT JUST BLOODY FABULOUS! The soundtrack is incredible and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since, I even did a cover of one of the tracks over on my soundcloud which you can listen to HERE

In terms of fashion, the film was full of 60s vintage vibes with bright colours and patterns.

 There's so many cute dresses in this film it kinda made my heart hurt. Simple dresses with added accessories such as ,Emily Browning's character, Eve's beret. The focus is all on light, floaty pieces. It's all just very cute and quirky and happy!

To create this look i would pair a dress in a light colour/pattern, with ankle boots, a couple of bracelets and some sort of hat. I think this is the perfect film to reference for summer fashion or if you're looking for a carefree, light vintagey look.

Seriously EVERYONE needs to watch this film its perfect!

The second film, Ginger and Rosa, is much darker. It tells the story of two inseparable best friends in 1962, on the brink of the cold war as threat of a nuclear holocaust increases. Watching their friendship shatter due to betrayal and a clash of desires. Basically the film was so beautiful but oh so heartbreaking.

The fashion in this film is much more wintery so i'll be looking to it for inspo in the coming months as the focus is on darker colours and cosy pieces.

The fashion in this film is so "me". Dark colours, gritty textures, big coats. I also love the high neck jumpers they wear, especially the cream colours ones! I just adore how simple the look is, but how it still manages to have an effect, managing to be effortless but still draw attention.

To achieve this look I'd pair dark jeans with a textured high neck jumper, chunky boots or doc martens and long heavy coat. No accessories, just keeping it simple.

The makeup looks in this film also struck me. Elle Fanning's character Ginger with her glowing skin and natural face, Alice Englert as Rosa keeping it very sixties with winged liner and a nude lip. I loved both looks so much. Elle Fanning is a goddess, just imagine having skin as perfect as hers!

For hair its all very effortless, casually messy. Think loose, tousled waves.

The two films are so different but both looks are so lovely! One so light and floaty, the other darker and effortless. I'll definitely be working inspo from these films into my wardrobe!

What films do you like to reference when choosing an outfit?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

What I Wore For Christmas 2014...

I feel like now its January everyone soo over Christmas but I still wanted to share what I wore over the festive season so I shall.

 This may be the classiest dress ever. It makes me feel like Brigitte Bardot or like a 60s 'it' girl. Would you believe it was only £5?! Thank you primark I love you forever. And we all know my obsession with black and stripes. Its just the dreamiest dress!


 For my makeup I kept my skin really simple and stuck with my regular brow routine but played up the sixties vibes by adding a slightly defined crease and a cat-eye with spidery bottom lashes. For a little colour on my lips I used my topshop lipstick in "beguiled" and muted the colour by blotting it (a lot)

Crop top-H&M
Jeans- Topshop "mom" jeans

For boxing day I kept it a lot more casual, wearing one of my favourite outfits. I love pairing this top with my mom jeans as I think it looks so simple but super 90s and cute. Also the jeans are so comfortable!

For my makeup I went a little fancier (but of course it wouldn't show on the photo ugh) I kept my face and brows the same. But paired my normal winged liner with my new No7 eyeshadow which is a bronze shimmer shade. I'm so annoyed it hasn't showed up in the photo as the colour is so beautiful and its really pigmented and easy to blend as well so mega bonus!

And that's it! Sorry this post was quick short, let me know what you wore over Christmas!

Hope you're all well!