Monday, 24 February 2014

My week in outfits- 14th-20th february...


Yeah im really bad at writing at the moment lazy lazy lazy lucy! But its been half term so that means I've actually been wearing clothes other than school uniform or pyjamas, So I thought it only fair that I share what I've been wearing this week!

I've actually had a pretty busy/exciting week so I'll also give you a lil insight into what I actually do in life woo lets go!
Im wearing-
Shorts-river island
Crop top-H&M (rivets logo printed by chloe)
Leather jacket-H&M

Chloe wearing-
Plaid shirt-New look
Mum jeans-Her mums from the 90s (ahhbdjn)
(how cute is chloe tho, shes my fashion icon)

Valentines day...woo. Most of my day was spent at school but then that night me and my friends took a trip to the seaside to support our friends the rivets at their gig and wowzas they were good, again! If you haven't checked them out on youtube yet then you're seriously missing out! You can listen to their fulllll set right here, and make sure to subscribe and like them on facebook cause they're amaaazing!

Shirt-Urban Outfitters
Jeans-Topshop joni jeans
Socks-Topshop (THEYRE GLITTERY!)
So Saturday I went to a surprise party for my friend's jasmine and jack's birthday and it was sooo good! I have ridiculously talented friends so the whole night was soundtracked by people just messing round on the piano or singing. And I beat everyone at Mario kart...almost.... I love this shirt so much ahh bit shoutout to my friend Megan for letting me borrow it because oh my its beautiful! 

AHHH fave outfit ever! All i did on sunday was eat... But i wore a pretty dress and my eyeliner game was strong so I aint complaining!

Earrings-Pretty twisted

On Monday I was forced to wake up at a ridiculous time and go to SCHOOL for a FRENCH BOOSTER CLASS. yes school in half term, yes french...that's child cruelty right?  BUT! Then I went prom dress shopping, had a starbucks with my mama then I went on a date and watched nowhere boy which is the best film ever ahh aaron Johnson mmm


Jeans- no idea
 Tuesday was boring all I did was eat and try and do maths (I failed)


 On Wednesday my friend Chloe and grace came round and we ate our bodyweights and listened to good music while dancing round my kitchen. Pretty good day I'd say, even if we did totally fail at making pancakes!

Jeans-Topshop jonis
PROM DRESS SHOPPING PROM DRESS SHOPPING PROM DRESS SHOPPING! ahhh its amazing, I got to be dressed up in all these pretty dress and ahhh dreams. (yes I have bought my dress, no you cannot see it...yet) Then that night I went on another date to the cinemas and saw "her" which was both emotional and weird, good film!

THATS IT! My week on in

stagram looked like this


l-r- Mine and Chloe's rivets shirts, My all-seeing eye henna, The rivets

Starbucks with mama (salted caramel mocha omg lush), walks with grace and chloe, cinema ticket

Pretty darn good week! How about yours?
Hope you have a lovely lovely day


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Inspo is surrounding me...


Been a while huh...soz!

Lately I've been craving inspo and shopping and change and im jealous of everyone. literally everyone! So this is just a quick little post (im supposed to be getting ready for a party oops) telling you about the people giving me the most fashion feels lately!

Im gonna try and skip the really obvious options. Like yes I wish I was alexa chung, yes I wish I was cara delevingne, yes I wish I was all the big guns!

But I want to focus more on the people I think get really over looked! Generally I think singers don't get enough praise on their fashion sense, especially the people just coming onto the scene. Here are my faves at the mo.
Firstly ellie rowsell from wolf alice is so hot. Serious girl crush developing! Her fashion sense is so varied and ranges from super girly to super grungy/tom boyish. Also her hair is perfect!
Lauren Aquilina is the queen of the shorts and crop top combo. Her legs are so long ahh, and she knows how to turn simple pieces into a really special outfit so woooo go lauren! Oh and lauren is the sweetest girl, one time she told me we could be best friends on twitter and I fangirled for like 3 days, and then recently I was desperate to find out where she got her dress from that she wears in the lovers or liars music video (serious prom inspo) and she replied so quickly ahh! I think its great when singers still take the time to talk to fans and it just makes me love lauren so much, shes so down to earth!

Lorde is just incredible! It really annoys me the amount of pointless hate she gets, some people can be so rude on the internet! I think her fashion sense is so unique and interesting, she wears what she wants to wear and i respect that about her, no one can tell her what she should look like! I also love her makeup choices, especially when she goes for a really really dark lip, looks so powerful! And don't even get me started on her hair. Oh and im 1000% ADDICTED to her album (as if she just made it in her spare time (as if shes my age and has the motivation to actually do stuff))

You all know my love for Gabrielle aplin so i wont even start. I just want to be her. At the moment I keep going back to her video for panic cord for fash inspo.

AHHHHH NINA NESBITT! Her hair, hair clothes, her music and HER EYE MAKEUP. So perfect, everything about her is so perfect. I like how grungy her clothes are but then she off sets them with a fresh face and killer eyeliner. Her hair is my goal, I long for the volume she has, cry. If you haven't seen the video for the hardest part, prepare for tears and eyeliner envy (note the heavy mascara on the bottom lashes, i'll defos be trying that)

Oh and obviously my Haim addiction is still thriving and i would mention them here but everything I think about their clothes it just comes out as
so lets move on!

Earlier this week I got to go and see a special preview of the book thief which is realised into cinemas on the 26th February. I've been meaning to read the book for a while now as its so highly recommended and also I study Nazi Germany in history so it relates to school and blah blah! I really did enjoy the film but its a bit heavy, so if you don't like sad films, I wouldn't recommend.

BUT! The whole way through the film I was blown away by the main character, liesel (played by sophie nelisse)'s fashion sense! If dresses, boots, cosy coats and muted colours are your thing, meet your new girl crush! Here's my mood board inspired by liesel.

On a beauty note, liesel's eyebrows were perfect, so thick and bold contrasting her neutral face. If I was going to recreate this look is keep my skin very clear and perfect and then use a matte bronzer to contour my cheekbones and add some warmth, and them a cheek stain for a natural looking blush.  I loved the innocence on her look, very traditional and sweet.
Thats about it for now as i seriously need to get ready! Its half term wooo so I've going to be back with an ootd diary, and more posts soon as LFW is making me sad and jealous.
Hope you're all well and remember to follow me on twitter and instagram!
Have a lovely lovely day


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Get Ready With Me/OOTD-Pardy Party...


Sorry I haven't been around, work experience drain all the life out of me! BUT my friend Sophie had a party at the weekend and it was fab so here's a ootd/get ready with me sort of thing!

First thing I go (normally a couple of days before) is I pick out my outfit, this is never an easy job...
On the night of the party, normally about 3/4 hours before I have a ridiculously long bath as i tend to get distracted or im having too much fun pretending to be a mermaid! The products im using at the moment are-
Ambrosia shaving cream (so lovely)-lush
blissfully bouncy shampoo and conditioner
FCUK body polish
Freederm face was
and some raspberry shower gel which smells amazzzing
I then put my hair in centre parting and let it air dry for a bit while I waste some time (normally eating) When i can be bothered I blow dry my hair and spritz some salt spray into the roots to messy it all up a little. I use my straighteners to make my hair super wavy and messy and bedheadish and spray it all with hairspray so it holds! Then I moisturise my body and cleanse and moisturise my face so im ready to put my makeup on.
I then do my makeup. For this party I kept my skin really fresh and illuminated with really bold graphic eyeliner which of course wouldn't show up in this photo.

And then I put my outfit on and off I go to partttyyyy!
Shorts (look like a skirt ooo)-Primark

And that's it! I had such a good night, man I love my friends!

Have a lovely lovely day