Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I’m an extremely nostalgic person so the end of a year is always very bittersweet for me. But especially this year, 2014 has been a roller coaster of a year, managing to be both the best and the worst year of my life but definitely the most exciting.

Looking back a lot has happened in 2014. Especially academically- I finally managed to buckle down and work hard, then do my exams and actually do well. One of the highlights of my year was definitely opening my results on results day and feeling pride radiate from me and everyone around me. And now I'm in college working towards my next set of exams. Obviously I'm super proud of myself for those achievements.

But it’s not all about school and work. 2014 was the year I fell in love for the first time (cringe) and for 8 months of the year I was easily the happiest I’ve ever been. And sadly it didn’t work out and in the same year that I experienced love, I also experienced heartbreak. Having your heartbroken and slowly watching something ,that once made you so ridiculously happy, just crumble really isn't easy. Truthfully I felt like I'd lost myself and really struggled to pick myself back up. But looking back I realise that its all a part of growing.

Falling in and out of love in 2014 taught me-

  • Being in love is pretty damn amazing
  • Its possible to be with someone and be happy and its possible to be happy without all the distractions (being in a relationship for almost 8 months and never asking for the wifi password shows ultimate commitment)
  • Always change, always do something new. Falling into a constant unexciting routine, although comforting, is boring.
  • Always remember that you’re more, you’re more than just a girlfriend, or an ex-girlfriend. First and foremost you’re a person and sometimes you need to look after yourself rather that just worrying about protecting whatever label you have. (sometimes you need to go into “self-preservation mode” and be unapologetic about it as my mum told me)
  • No matter what happens you’ll be ok. The people that truly care about you will be there, and you’ll always find your way back to yourself, but a version of yourself that’s now wiser and stronger.
Leaving school, saying goodbye the friends I no longer see everyday, going through a breakup and losing friends- 2014 taught me that things come and go but that’s what keeps life exciting and at the end of the day sometimes you need to lose things to rid of toxic energy and see what good things you actually have going for you
 (This is getting reaaaal sentimental and deep)

2014 was a weird year as some of the things I’d been looking forward to since being a young girl happened. I finally got to live out my childhood dream of going dress shopping and attending my prom (link to prom post HERE) . It was a good night and I just loved the whole process of getting all dressed up super fancy. But some of my best moments in 2014 were just the little events.

My summer was one long chain of good times-

  • Quiet days out during study leave when everyone else was still in school such as when I and my friends went to a theme park that was practically deserted.
  • Spontaneous get togethers with my friend Chloe
  • My trip to Nottingham and harry potter studios
  • Little parties with friends
  • Even playing hide and seek in the woods with friends when the weather was nice

 There was so so so so many good times in 2014 the list would be so long and I hope you feel the same about your year.

Even though the last months of 2014 were some of the worst of my life, 2014 was still a damn good year and I'm full of hope for 2015.

 My goals for the New Year include-

  • Finish at least one project whether it is a novel or a short film.
  • Start working towards my dreams more actively e.g. compiling all my writing and maybe start putting together a poetry collection?
  • Spend more time with people that make me feel positive and less time locking myself away.
  • Obviously do well in exams and make good choices about university
  • Spend less time pretending to be ok and more time actually working towards actually being ok.
  • Be less afraid to walk away from bad situations.
  • Read, write and draw more.
  • Blog more consistently!
  • Keep a diary.
  • Visit more places.
  • Be more active- physically and mentally.
  • Unapologetically take every step possible towards creating and preserving true happiness.
  • Make friends.
In conclusion, 2014 was full of extreme highs and extreme lows but overall I'm happy about it. I'm so excited to see what 2015 brings.

How was your year? I hope it was full with an overriding happiness, but if not I hope that 2015 brings you comfort and a fresh start and I hope it’s your happiest year.

Happy New Year and thank you for seeing this year through with me, I hope you’ll stick around x

Monday, 29 December 2014

My Latest Film Watches...

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, I personally ate myself into a two day long food coma. But I hope you got everything you wanted, ate loads and spent some quality time with your loved one and really just had a nice chill out.

Since it's the Christmas holidays and since I am a true Netflix addict I've been watching a LOT of films. One thing you may not know about me is that I hope to write and make a movie one day! one of my many bad habits is that I cannot finish a project but at the same time I cant stop starting new projects so my computer is littered with part finished film scripts.

Part of my goals for this lil blog in 2015 is to expand from just fashion/beauty and talk more about my passions so I thought no time like the present! So I'm gonna share with you some of the films I've watched and a brief little review! pleaaaase tell me some of your favourite films as I'm always on the hunt for new stuff to watch!


 I've seen long way down three times now and I still love it so much. I haven't actually read the book (I'm a bad person I know) but the film is just beautiful. Its about four people that meet on a roof as they all plan to commit suicide, then join together and make a pact to stay alive but then their story gets out and they end up famous and it all kicks off! Some how the film manages to be really funny in spite of the sad theme, I think this is mainly down to Imogen Poots who plays Jess and is both hilarious and beautiful.

Its such a lovely film, happy ending, nice message. So if you're looking for a nice chilled movie to watch on an evening this is perfect.


I bloody love Wes Anderson films so finding one I'd never managed to see on Netflix. The thing I love about Wes Anderson is that his films are all super weird but you still get hooked into them. The life aquatic with Steve zissou is about a revenge plan to kill a "jaguar shark" that ate Steve Zissou's partner. And there's relationship issues and other stuff going on. TRUST ME IT'S MORE EXCITING THAN I MAKE IT SOUND! if you've never seen a Wes Anderson film, you need to!

I do love a good film about misfit teenagers falling in love! The art of getting by is about teenage boy George (played by Freddie Highmore who is very very attractive ladies!) a talented artist who struggles to see the point in school and in life really, and he meets Sally (played by my one true love Emma Roberts). And the films follows the pair as they struggle to express their feelings an find their path.

I loved loved loved this film. The acting was amazing, and it was just beautiful. I absolutely adore Emma Roberts, she's incredible in everything. I have such a massive girl crush on her and her performance in this film is flawless.

This was one of those films that haunted me for a couple days after and instantly became one of my favourites.
Like I said, I think Emma Roberts is incredible in everything and this was no exception. Its kind of a funny story is based on a novel (which I have not read, I'm so sorry). Its about a teenage boy called Craig who checks himself into a mental hospital after feeling suicidal. It sounds dark, but the film is actually very light hearted and funny as Craig makes friends and falls for another patient, Noelle, played by Emma Roberts who again I fell in love with.
I'm literally obsessed with her sorry not sorry
Has anyone read the book of this? Let me know!
A more "grown-up" thought-provoking watch was Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind. I'm not a massive Jim Carrey fan but he was incredible. The film is about a man who takes part in a medical procedure to erase all memories of his ex-girlfriend but immediately regrets it and the feel sees him fight to keep her memory.
This was easily one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Both humorous and totally heart breaking. It does require your full attention to totally understand the plot, but seriously it's worth it. Kate Winslet delivers so many killer lines, she blew my mind to be totally honest. Her character was so beautifully developed and complex.

If you're looking for a film that will take you on an emotional roller coaster, this one is for you!


This film has totally and completely attached to my soul. Its about two people who are telepathically connected and develop such a deep relationship and inevitably fall in love. Its all the little details that make this film so beautiful. Yeah the plot is gripping, but there's something about the acting and the production of this film that just pull you in and you find yourself really rooting for the characters to get together. The lead girl is played by Zoe Kazan who I loved in What If (that film with Daniel Radcliffe) and she plays the part perfectly with just the right level of vulnerability.

I massively recommend this one, so so good!

What films have you been loving lately?
Hope you're doing well

Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Weekend In My Wardrobe...

My life is pretty dull 99% of the time as all I really do is go to college and watch Netflix. However every now and then I actually go out, and last weekend I did just last so I thought I'd show you what I wore!

Jeans-Topshop 'mom' jeans
Boots-garage shoes (basically fake vagabonds)
Fridays are my busy days in college as I have a full day of lessons, so I tend to wear something more comfy. I treated myself to these topshop mom jeans after wanting them for aaaggeesss and oh my gosh they're comfy and its so rare for me to find jeans that fit this well so it is obviously meant to be! I like to style them with a tighter top like this one or just a black crop top and these boots to elongate my legs a little more. The whole outfit just gives me 90s vibes and I love it!

So on this particular Friday-The 12th December- I went to college and then rushed home, had a latte then had to quickly get changed, touch up my make up then go out again as I had to head to Newcastle with my friend megan for a concert!

sleeveless top -Primark
Coat-Tesco (legit)
This is easily one of my favourite looks. Its so simple yet super grungy. I love wearing a black bra under this sleeveless top as I think it just gives the outfit a little extra edgy. This is an ideal outfit for a concert as there's layers to keep me warm in the queue, and then in the actual venue its floaty and light enough that I wont overheat (I put my coat in the cloakroom, its just easier!) My trusty topshop boots are so so comfy so I could dance throughout the whole thing, which I did (which may or may not have led to me passing out in the queue to get my coat back but hey ho it was worth it!)

Check out my instagram (@lucyintheskywith_) to see videos from the gig and other photos from my daily life
After being a fan for years and years I finally got to see Bombay Bicycle Club live and wowzas they were incredible, easily the best gig I've ever been to purely because of the atmosphere. The whole crowd was just so into it, so much fun! I also got to see Peace as they were the support act! Two of my fave bands in one night, does it get any better? I went home on such a high, really really cheered me up! So if you're going through a hard time, there's nothing like a gig to help pick you back up!


Crop Top-H&M
 The next day I slobbed around the house all day but on the evening I went out to a Christmas party/gig thing thrown by my ex-boyfriends band the rivets who I've mentioned a million times and if you haven't checked them out you really should. Obviously it was a hard night for me, but I thought it important to push myself out of my safe place (aka home), get dressed up all fancy and just go and spend the night with my friends.

For my makeup I went a bit fancier than I usually would. Really I just wanted my makeup look to be very classic and chic to go along outfit. I kept my face makeup the same- concealer, powder, contour and highlighter. But I defined my brows, making them bigger and bushier. Then paired winged eyeliner with a wine red lip (Topshop's 'Beguiled') to add some colour to the monochrome look. Im going to do a whole post on my eyeliner routine so look out for that as I've been loving me some liner recently!

I think when going into a difficult situation, feeling confident in your outfit/makeup helps so much. As vain as it may seem, doing your hair and makeup all nice and putting on whatever makes you feel good (for me its my heels) is just an instant boost. Whenever im having a down day I force myself to put on an outfit I love and get all ready and it normally helps me feel at least a little better.

What've you been wearing? What've you been up to?

I'm finally on Christmas break so hopefully I'll be more active! Apologise for being away lately, I needed some time but im back baby!

Hope you're all doing well, remember to follow me elsewhere!

PS. super sorry for the rubbish lighting in these photos, it gets dark too early #bloggerproblems xo

Monday, 15 December 2014

A change...

After being stuck in the same routine and the same patterns for so long, sometimes you just need a change.

My long hair, although a total inconvenience, was kinda my safety blanket. After not cutting my hair for over a year it had reached the longest it had ever been, but also the least healthy it had ever been.

Having bleached the ends, my hair was just dead and so limp. Sure I could curl it and make it look all tousled and lovely, but it was just becoming a total pain, a change was needed.

Also after coming out of a relationship, I think its the perfect time for re-invention. Being stuck in a situation where I felt I couldn't make any changes to myself, constantly being told that he liked my hair and that I should cut it, I needed to be able to see my 'freedom' everyday when I look in the mirror as a reminder that good things can come out of heartbreak. (Im going to do a full post on whats been going on in my life at some point, if you'd like to hear?)

And so I woke up one day, booked an appointment at my favourite salon, and armed with pictures of mega babes like Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse and Patti Boyd, I said bye bye to my safety blanket.

I was shocked how unaffected I was! normally hairdressers fill me with fear, always scared they'll cut my hair too short, but really this time I didn't care, truthfully I didn't even care if it looked good or not I just needed a change, DESPERATELY!

However I was lucky as I love it! It does take a little more maintenance to keep volume and body to my hair, but Im so glad I took the leap. It makes me feel super Parisian and fabulous *flicks hair*

All im trying to say it, when something comes to an end take that as a cue to reinvent yourself and make some positive changes, even if it is just a haircut.

small changes are key on the road to recovery!

Hope everyone is doing well, and if you're ever struggling feel free to tweet or email me!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Current Top Music Picks...

Lately I seem to be listening to about 100% more music than I used to purely because I've been on a lot of long journeys and its an easy way of blocking out distractions when trying to rush my homework in college (stay in school kids). So I thought I'd share with you what I've been listening to lately!

 Lets start of with the most obvious choice. If you follow me on twitter (which you should) you'll know how totally fan girl I've been lately but OH MY GOD this album is just a piece of pure art work! it some how manages to be totally different to what Taylor has ever done before, but still the same in that the lyrics are still totally on point and relatable. I also love the range of the album from "I'm so in love" tracks, to "I don't need no man" tracks. Basically I just love the new Taylor, I love what she stands for and how she dresses and her interviews and everything else. If you haven't the heard the new album you reaaally need to, even if you aren't normally a fan I think the album will appeal to a lot of people!

My favourite tracks are-
  • blank space
  • out of the woods
  • I know places
  • clean
  • new romantics (my new girl power anthem)


On the opposite end of the spectrum, I've started to really like King Krule lately. His album 6 feet beneath the moon is pretty much on repeat at the moment. Theres just something about his voice that I really love, its like gritty but calming at the same time.

My favourite tracks are-
  • easy easy
  • baby blue
  • out getting ribs

I love Banks so much and her album really didn't let me down. The beats mixed with her emotional lyrics just build up such good tracks. Also her voice is like chocolate, fancy super smooth chocolate. The album is genuinely a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from "I'm so fab" to "gonna cry forever" If you haven heard of banks, 1)you're missing out, 2)listen now!

My favourite tracks are-
  • waiting game
  • warm water
  • you should know where I'm coming from (this track is like my fave song at the moment, its so beautiful I could cry)
  • someone new
  • beggin for thread

I think I'm in love with George Ezra. Like its really getting worrying but I'm obsessed with everything about him. I finally got his album last week and I haven't really listened to anything else since. His voice is so deep and manly and beautiful but his lyrics are so sweet and just AHHH. Just like 1989 this album has so much range from really cheerful tracks like listen to the man, to really dark tracks like its just my skin. You'll probably have heard his song Budapest (if you haven't, where've you been??) but honestly I think there are much better tracks than that on the album so its definitely definitely worth a listen!

My favourite tracks are-
  • listen to the man
  • leaving it up to you
  • breakaway
  • da vinci riot police
  • stand by your gun
  • all the other tracks on the album
  • basically the whole album is golden
There's also been a lot of other songs I've been obsessing over lately but mainly the new 1975 song 'medicine'

I just cant handle it. It makes me want to be in a movie where I meet eyes with a handsome man and its all slow motion and heart eyes ahh.

What've you been listening to lately? Give me suggestions below!

If you want to see what im listening to or listen to my playlists you can follow me on spotify HERE

Hope you're all doing ok xo

Sunday, 2 November 2014

A Day In My Life~ Halloween...

I haven't blogged for over a month... sorrrry. There's several reasons behind this, I've just had a lot going on lately and work and laziness. But here I am!

Halloween has just passed and im kinda sad that its gone! I love Halloween so much, so I thought I'd show you what I got up to/my costume etc!

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The first thing I do everyday when I wake up is put music on, I actually use 8tracks more than my own iPod as it's nice always finding new songs. My Halloween morning was sound tracked mainly by this Lykke Li song that im addicted to!

That morning I was actually planning on writing a blog post, but I got Netflix and have become incurably addicted to American horror story so instead I started series 2! Anyone else watch AHS?
Windy day!

While I watched AHS I got ready for the day and put on a little makeup just so I looked presentable. On Halloween I actually had plans to meet my friend for a costa so I got ready for that and went out into the cold. I wore my fave outfit at the moment- black jeans, black jumper and my camel coat.
You can listen to the playlist HERE
When I arrived home I suddenly had an urge to listen to some old music so I made a playlist of all my vintage classics or new songs that sound vintage. So its basically a lottttt of Fleetwood mac!
At about 4pm I started getting ready to go out to a party. So I washed my hair using my usual aussie shampoo. I went as my spirit animal Wednesday Addams for Halloween, so I made sure to part my hair exactly down the middle and kept it as straight and sleek as possible when blowdrying.
Also a moment of appreciation for my Winnie the Pooh onesie, best. thing. ever.
 Soon after my best friend and getting-ready companion Chloe arrived to get hyped up and help each other get ready. Getting ready with a friend makes every party 10x better!

Tate Langdon and Wednesday Addams foreverr

Makeup time! For my skin-I did my normal face makeup but then powdered with a white powder to make my face even more pale than it already it. I also did my normal brow routine.

For my contour- I used a mix of a Clinique's stone violet- a matte grey/purple eyeshadow, and my usual sleek face form palette so my face looked more hollow and ghoulish and to avoid being bronzed.

For my eyes- I patted 'corrupt'- a matte black eyeshadow from the MUA undress me too palette all over my eyelid and then intensified the look by building up the darkness in my crease and adding a shimmery charcoal colour over the top. I later added some cat-eye liner to make it all even darker.

For my lips- I applied topshop's 'beguiled' which is a really dark, matte wine colour and then a black eyeshadow over the top to seal it in and make my lips ridiculously dark.

Chloe used her insane talent and a lot of face paint to recreate Tate Langdon's skull makeup from American horror story. SHE IS A GENIUS.

My outfit-
Black wedges-Primark

Chloe's outfit-
Leather Jacket-H&M
black jeans-Tesco (we are bargain hunterz)
she also used a white chalk to draw ribs onto her black t-shirt
Literally plan on wearing this outfit forever. All black, everyday. I had the best night with all my friends, and then did it all again the day after!

Tell me about your Halloween! What did you do? What did you go as?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sexual Abuse Online (A crime that needs addressing)...

There's been a lot happening the past weeks online. Sadly not good things, but nevertheless these things need to be addressed and talked about as much as possible in order for change to be made and for the online community to move forward as a safer place.

In the past week two you tubers have been accused of sexual abuse and rape. This cannot go unnoticed, unpunished or forgiven.

You will probably have heard about Sam Pepper's case. Personally I've never liked his videos. I think many of his other videos such as when he lassoed girls to "pick them up" and many of his videos centred around getting girls to kiss him are quite misogynistic and clearly put the girls involved in uncomfortable, pressuring situations. But the video that raised an issue and brought the worlds attention was a video in which he pinched girls 'butts' as a pranked.

The issue is that its not a prank. It's sexual assault.

Sam made apology videos but instead of apologising he used several different excuses in an attempt to get out of blame.

Yet at the same time many young girls including youtuber thisbedottie were coming forward with extremely serious claim-
Several more girls have come out with their stories surrounding Sam Pepper.
 Then two days later a youtube I watch called Ania released this video, stating that a youtuber called Jason (Veeoneeye) had sex with her when she was 15 and under the influence of alcohol. He was 20 at the time. THIS IS RAPE.
Again suddenly many more girls came forward with more stories about Jason and how he had sexually abused them.
Jason, just like Sam, made an apology video. Firstly the video was unlisted so you cant see it unless you have a direct link (link HERE ) In which he admits to rape, but blames it on being raised in a very strict family so he "didn't know the rules". UGH THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY.
If you follow me on twitter you'll know that this situation as got me very 'worked up'. There are just so many injustices and things that disgust me about this situation youtube has found its self in.
1) I struggle to understand to understand why anyone who is a public figure would see that as a 'free pass' to break the law. And not just break the law, I personally see rape as one of the/if not the worst crime anyone could commit. Being a celebrity doesn't mean you're allowed to manipulate, use and abuse your fans.
2) The fact that there are twitter accounts called "we support you Jason" and the hashtag #staystrongjason disgusts me. People who shrug off what they've done saying "its in the past" or forgive them saying "they've changed" no. You cannot let rape go unpunished and you cannot forgive what they've done. If we let people off with these sorts of things it will continue. All support should go to the victim, never the rapist.
3)Rape is never the victims fault. People on twitter have been blaming Dottie (claiming she provoked Sam and led him on) and Ania (saying she consented (she was 15-she couldn't consent) and saying she was drunk so it was her fault). This is disgusting. The acts of Sam and Jason are in no way the victim's fault. It is so cruel to blame them. Imagine if it was your sister that was a victim, you wouldn't even think for a second that it was 'her fault'.   
4)This is not the first round of accusations made about youtubers. Other famous creators Alex Day and Edplant were also outed as sexual abusers, Yet Edplant has returned to youtube. We cannot let this happen again. We cannot let Sam or Jason return to youtube or any position of status online, otherwise this cycle will continue.
It makes me so angry that little legal action has taken place. If these accusations were made about 'normal people' they would be arrested, Yet neither have. This cannot go unpunished.
We're talking about rape. Rapists being allowed to 'walk free' of their crimes. Its unjust.
I believe that more publicity and attention needs to be brought to the severity of these claim and action needs to be taken if youtube ever wishes to be a safe, respectable platform again. Without talking about this situation no change will ever come.
Rape cannot be swept under the rug. The victims need supporting and cases such as these cannot go unnoticed.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

12 Valuable Lessons To Teach Yourself...

1)      You’re allowed to like yourself. You’re allowed to compliment yourself. You’re allowed to be happy with who you are right now. You’re allowed.

2)      It’s okay to walk away. Choose your battles-you can avoid some pain by simply walking away from the things that you know will burn you.

3)      Learn to wake up every morning and realise it’s a new day. It sounds cheesy but you need to realise that if you put on happy music, force yourself to smile (if you cant manage that, force yourself to not frown/cry) and do everything you can to stop yourself thinking about anything bad that may have happened because today is a new day and you get to choose how it goes.

4)      Appreciate and let the little things comfort you and warm you from within. It’s too easy to brush off or ignore a person smiling at you in the street or someone holding the door open for you. Take comfort and joy in the fact that someone you’ve never met saw you and thought you worthy of a smile or worthy of 10 seconds of their time. And return these little things to others.

5)      Ask for help. Showing a little bit of weakness isn’t a flaw and no one; NO ONE is going to judge you for needing a little support.

6)      Be nice to others. Calling someone fat makes you no skinnier. Calling someone ugly makes you no prettier. If you project kindness and love, you’ll feel it within yourself and you need to learn that you never know what another is feeling, you need to learn that making someone feel bad will never make you feel better.

7)      Don’t rely on someone for your whole happiness, but still remember to let people in.

8)      Let go of things that become too heavy. If you carry round the empty shells of every argument and every hurtful comment and every breakup and every bad situation and every bad time as a reminder, it will break your back. Let go.

9)      “Healing may not come quickly, but it will come” some things take time and if you don’t feel instantly better-its ok. Just keep going and soon it will all be good again.

10)  Say how you’re feeling. Bottling emotions up is never a good thing. If you’re annoyed at a person-tell them. Quiet resentment will only every create hurt.

11)  Your body doesn’t define who you are. The quality of your skin, the whiteness of your teeth, the definition of your bones, the size of your thighs-NONE OF THESE THINGS DEFINE WHO YOU ARE. You are your personality and all the things within yourself. So never, ever treat yourself as a lesser version of yourself; never, ever abuse yourself because of a change on the outside. Skin and muscles and bones aren’t what make you beautiful.

12)  Let yourself be happy and do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of staying happy.

Hope you're all doing good, let me know if you want more posts like this as I love writing them

Have a lovely lovely day

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Inspo From The Greats...

I know I know its been a while, I have no excuse other than I'm so lazy!

Well guys summers over and I've officially started sixth form which means I have to wake up and choose a functioning, hopefully nice outfit every morning. I cant just wear either leggings, or the same outfit all week, so this is a hard task! So I'm constantly looking for outfit inspiration and recently I've been loving the vintage feels again and I keep looking to the same people again and again. So I thought I'd share a couple of my inspirations and I put together some outfits while online shopping (and by online shopping I mean looking at clothes and wishing I could afford them!)

Marianne Faithful is the 60s in a person. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, everything. She's just the embodiment. I turn to Marianne when I want a softer, more feminine look with masculine twists. Short skirts, boots, cute collar, boyfriend coats, eyeliner flicks, defined crease, nude lip. I love coats so much, like seriously I think I have a coat addiction. Coats are my cocaine right now ahh I love them! And to me Marianne knows how to work a masculine coat without it drowning out the rest of her look. To be honest, She bagged Mick Jagger in his prime, She was doing something right!

Ahhh Francoise. Her style is so simple so perfect for college as I can just put on a top and trousers and boom I'm from France (not really but lets just pretend). Cigarette trousers and little jumpers with high necks are key. Stripes are also key so the black and white jumper (which is from h&m and which I own woo) is ideal. I love love love Francoise's hair like ughh fringe feels alert! She has a perfect face as well, that's all I shall say.

I saved the best for last. Stevie flippin Nicks. I'm in love. Literally. Her music, the amount of hours me and my boyfriend have spent listening to rumours. Best album ever! Her style is perfect for college as its so floaty and comfy. So smock dresses, kimonos and even really big shirts and cardigans. Anything that allowed free movement and has an interesting silhouette Stevie would wear. I'm also totally obsessed with her hair, it has so much volume, HOW?! Young Stevie Nicks was all kinds of perfect. enough said!

As you can see I'm really craving a fringe, the urge is back guys so watch this space to see if I cave in!

Hope everyone's doing well, sorry for my absence but I'm back baby!
Have a lovely lovely day