Monday, 21 October 2013

What im listening to atm...


I like music quite a lot and I feel like I never really talk about it or give you a taste of the things im listening to etc! So im thinking that i'll try and post a music type post each month (hopefully)

Firstly im just going to say now that there are very little radio played songs that I like, so soz! I generally find that lesser known artists create much rawer music which normally makes for better lyrics and a deeper sound so yeah!

There's been some reeeaaaall good new albums recently as well as some old ones I've just gone back to so much recently! 


This album is my go to but I urge you all to invest in the deluxe version. So much better! My top tracks are robbers, you, girls, is there someone who can watch you and settle down. Real good tunes man (oh lucy)
I'VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS! I've loved birdy for so long and I've been waiting to hear a full album of originals and it didn't disappoint. Top tracks are all about you, the same and light me up. Also she got pretty (prettier)
Still so good. If you don't own this album... leave. I cant even pick top tracks, I love them all.
I want to marry tom odell. I've been addicted to this album for ages now and it still feels new! Good for everyone! Top tracks, so hard to pick but I love love love I know.
The careful ones have such a unique sound, and honestly this album is beautiful! Definitely recommend.
Im not a big sleeping with sirens fan as this is the only stuff of theirs I really like, but I love the songs on this EP. Nice lyrics, simple sound, just proves that sometimes acoustic is better. Top track is rodger rabbit.

I make playlists all the time and have different playlists for different situations and emotions
 Mainly songs with good lyrics and soft sounds. Calming! It also features the song "talk tonight" by Oasis 10 times...
 This is a super old playlist of calming songs, mainly female singer like birdy but soooooothing!
This was my summer playlist with upbeat, loud, bouncy indie rock songs! Aw man I love this playlist!

This is my ultimate writing playlist with songs that make me think, or feel a certain emotion or whateva!
I also have a playlist called "blah blah blah" filled with sassy songs HA!
 Some other artists I've been loving recently are-

  • Matt corby
  • Orla Gartland
  • Lorde
  • The neighbourhood
  • Keaton Henson (always)
  • Justin Vernon
  • City and colour
  • Vampire weekend
  • HAIM
maaaany more!
  • Orla Gartland's first proper EP "roots"
  • Lewis' new EP "some songs with some friends (including gabrielle aplin and Hudson taylor!)
  • Seeing Gabrielle aplin live 8 DAYS OMG
  • Seeing kodaline live omg
  • Mhairi Mcdonalds debut EP! (search her on youtube, she's incredible)
  • Finding new music!
Leave me a comment or tweet me your fave songs/albums/artists atm!
Also, you can listen to my playlists on 8tracks, Link to my profile is HERE enjoy!
Have a lovely lovely day


Saturday, 12 October 2013

OOTD-Rambling, Rock and Knee Socks...


Last night was good.

You all know that music is just everything to me, music and fashion and books are my life. Gigs are my life. And last night, in true indie British teenager style, I went to support my friends in a battle of the bands (my life is like less exciting, less deep episode of skins or something like that)

This morning my voice was none existent from the amount of screaming I did! All the bands were so good, like wooooaaahhh. But obvs my fave was my friends the rivets AKA THE WINNERS WOO

You can listen to their full set featuring me and my friends fangirling right here!

In true blogger style I spent all night saying "I love her outfit" My best friend Jess wore topshop's depth lipstick and it looked INSANE! And my girl Chloe, wore some lush necklaces and a cranberry smokey eye ooo 
Me being totally stupid I totally forgot to take OOTD photos last night, so here are some beautiful morning after shots with the addition of knee socks (I'm so arctic monkeys)

Knee socks-Unknown
Coat (its actually burgundy idk)- H&M
What is the best gig you've ever been to?
Have a lovely lovely day,

Monday, 7 October 2013



I'm a magazine hoarder, I rarely throw them out! topshop magazines, lush times, river island, company, look, vogue, Elle, any magazine possible I have! And today I got an idea...

I like to be inspired, its my favourite feeling! And all too often I let inspiration go to waste, whether it be an outfit or an idea for a blog post or whatever! And I really love projects.
So today on my day off i was out shopping (duh) and I picked up the new topshop magazine. and BOOM inspiration.

Meet Maison Stella. Stella makes collages and the topshop mag this month is FULL of them. Im in love. And it gave me the best project idea, a way to stop magazine build up, and to keep all my inspiration in one place! Im going to start keeping a inspiration book full of Maison Stella-ish collages and quotes or whatever!

I also really love notepads so this excited me to ridiculous levels!

So this is my project for the next month or so! What's yours?!

Have a lovely lovely day,