Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Haul...


It is time for me to show you what I've bought over the course of the month! Due to last months INSANE haul, i really haven't bought much this month and it has all been going towards one outfit for a party so this months haul is relatively small but HEY HO HERE WE GO!

 Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm-Boots-£3.59
Recently I've been getting really dry lips (well i think I'm just paranoid about it but whateva) and I've read and heard lots of good reviews about this lip balm on you tube and blogs so i thought WHY NOT! The bees wax factor of this lip balm kind of creeps me out, so i chose the mango butter one and i still cant decide whether i like the smell/taste. BUT it really does a good job, it doesn't leave my lips feeling gooey and sticky but keeps them totally hydrated and is really good underneath lipsticks which is such a bonus for me! My only issue with is is that it doesn't last very long, i feel like i have to apply it routinely throughout the day to be able to feel the effect, but it is small enough to just throw into my bag for on the go! So if you are looking for a good lip balm, look no more!


 Vintage Floral Pot-Vintage Vogue-£5
Ever since i re-decorated my room I've been on the look out for little gems for my bedroom (nicknamed pastel place...yep) and while browsing the VV sale i came across this baby and instantly loved it! It is really simple, but the floral pattern on the lid is so pretty and it is really practical to hold hair clips/my watch/lip balm/random bits and bobs and only £5!
The comforter-Lush-£4.25
Here i go again, everyone is going to hate me. RIGHT i love baths and the idea of the comforter with its promise of a zillion bubbles was perfect, and it smells like berry heaven! BUT i was really disappointed! I don't know whether i crumbled it in too late in the bath running process, or what but i was so disappointed with the amount of bubbles. You are supposed to get 4 uses out of the bar and i used half in one go and was still disappointed (CRY) I plan on using the other half at some point this week and crumbling it in earlier, so I'll report back, but altogether it was a bit MEH. It has made by room smell so nice though!

White Play suit-Primark-£20
I went out to get a dress for a party and shocked everyone when i came back with a play suit! I'm so so so girly and wear dresses everyday, so this is a bit different for me, but i love it! The Almost glittery  material is really thick and good quality like all the new "limited edition" pieces seem to be in primark at the moment. I was annoyed that the women at the till rammed my new play suit into the smallest back ever, the ones they use for accessories and UGH i ranted to my friend for so long about that as it messed up the LUSH beaded collar! The collar has sequins and beads arranged to make a floral patter that really adds a lovely detail to the play suit and the collar is actually the thing that caught my eye (DUH). 
Black wedge heel shoes-Primark-£10

I've been wanting some wedge/flatform heels for a while now that i can wear both casually and for parties. In a dream world they wouldn't be sandals, but i really like these ones from primark as i just like the straps with the little gold buckle and they are actually really comfy! And a bargain! (I obv had to instagram a pic)

Maybelline 14hr Super stay Lipstick in "infinitely fuchsia-boots-£6.99
I really wanted a fuchsia/neon pink lipstick for spring/summer and this one is definitely my favourite! Reviews online are all really positive and it promises to be extremely long lasting! I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I'm going to wear it to the party and I'll do a review on it at some point next week!

(BTW the nail varnish I'm wearing is "hot in red" from H&M)
Grand Total-£49.83
Ain't too bad compared to last year and i did buy a full outfit (which i will do an OOTD post for!)
ALSO guys i got a hair cut! My hair was really damaged at the bottom, so i had quite a lot off the ends and i really like it! YAY big big big love to my hair dresser Angela who you can find HERE she did a really swell job and she is lovely!

That's all for now folks
Hope you have a lovely day and have a great Easter Sunday!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Playlist of the Month-March


i know this is a couple of days early but I'm in a musical mood! March has gone too quick for my liking!
1)Anna (go to him)-The Beatles-I'm so totally in love/addicted/obsessed with the Beatles, i was born too late! Please Please me is the best album in the world! 
2)Oblivion-Bastille-I've been waiting so long for their album and i love this song as it is so different for them!
3) The Whole of Keaton Henson's New Album "Birthdays"-I WILL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU KEATON. I think 10pm Gare Du Nord is my fave song ever.
4)Is this love-Bob Marley-This song tho, omg. (wow amazing writing skills Lucy)
5)It could be better-Lewis Watson (aka my future husband)-I saw Lewis Watson in the flesh on the 9th (ASDFGHJKDSDFHJGF STILL NOT OVER IT) and omg he is talented and beautiful and this song is emotional and just as stunning as him (he is beautiful!!!!)
6) No diggity/Thrift shop cover-Ed Sheeran & Passenger-Ed and passenger are two of the best acoustic singers so them together is heaven!
7)Bonfires-Saint Raymond-Saint Raymond (real name callum) was one of Lewis' support acts and he is amazing! Seriously so so so so so so so so glad i heard his voice omg.

8)Wake Up-Arcade Fire-BEST. ARCADE. FIRE. SONG. EVER.
9)Roslyn-Bon Iver & St. Vincent-I'm addicted to the twilight soundtracks and bon iver are just my life.
10)Weirdo-The Vaccines-I love this song so so so much, by far the best vaccines song yet!
11) Half A person- The Smiths-I love the smiths.
12)Always On My Mind-Keaton Henson-Not only is Keaton my one true love, but this song means so much to me and brings back some great memories
Other Artist Ive Been Loving This Month
  • Kimberly Anne
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Lianna La Havas
  • The strokes
  • Ben Howard
Basically all i listen to is Keaton Henson, OK.
OMG you neeed to hear this!
I talk about this babe of a girl way too much, but i feel like she deserves much much much much much more recognition! Zoe Holman (or Turbanoutfitters on instagram) is one of my favourite singer/songwriters! Her voice is so unique and beautiful and her songs are so emotive and just incredible! She recently release an EP on bandcamp called pages which YOU SHOULD ALL GO GET RIGHT NOW! But honestly i don't understand why zoe isn't mega mega famous with a voice as amazing as hers! So definitely go check her out right now!
That's all for now folks let me know what your fave songs were this month!
Have a lovely lovely day!

Friday, 22 March 2013

The fashion tag...


I wasn't tagged in this but DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE! ugh! I just really liked beauty crush's fashion tag video and i wanted to do it in blog form so HERE WE GO!
1) How would you describe your style?
ERMM i wouldnt say my style could be put in a certain catagory, but i would say im very girly and simple when it comes to outfit choice. But i also like the 1950s/ballet shoes sort of look but it changes A LOT!
2)What are your wardrobe staples?
  • brouges
  • shirts with collars
  • knitted jumpers
  • wooly tights
mainly anything i can layer over or under skirts and pinafores!
3)Most expensive item you own?
I dont really spend a lot on single items apart from topshop things like my pinafore and dress. So it has to be my Cath Kidston saddle bag which i use every single day as my school bag and has lasted for almost 3 years, but will soon have to retire (cry) I love it so so so so much as it is super practical but still looks so pretty!

 4) Most wanted item?
This changes a lot! But at the moment all i want in life is a good pair of wedge heels, and in the middle of art i came across the love of my life. SO it has to be a pair of Stella McCartney wooden wedge pumps! SO BEAUTIFUL...sigh...a girl can dream!

OR! A pair of charlotte olympia Kitty heels in white! SO IN LOVE!

OR! the whole of topshop would be good! (this could go on forever)

5) Favourite Designer?

Im not a designer person but from LFW my favourite collections were Henry Holland's because i loved the bright colours and Christopher Kane's because of the beautiful pastel colours and i love his galaxy print pieces!

6)How much do you spend on clothing?
To be quite honest i have no idea! I go shopping a lot but i really dont spend much, but it changes, sometimes i just go out and spend all my money, and other i dont buy anything! I think it depends on the season and if anything catches my eye really.
7)Favourite places to shop?
H&M, Primark and Topshop are my obvious choices but i also love urban outfitters even though there isnt one where i live, and vintage shops are always good!
8) Favourite fragrance?
WONDERSTRUCK! it smells like everything good in the world.
9)Favourite way to have your hair?

I like having my hair in middle parting and slightly wavy but that takes so much effort as i have pathetic, thin, straight hair! But i also like my hair in side parting as my second day hair keeps a looser, wavy, wild look which is pretty coool! But sometimes if im just chilling doing art homework i like having my hair all tied back in a high pony tail! 
10)What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
I go straight for my denim skater skirt from topshop with my white shirt and red jumper! And dont forget the cute socks!

11)Most prized possesion?

My topshop pinafore as i wear it all the time and i just love it! But i also got a bag yesterday that used to be my aunties and i already love it so much!
I tag;
Ellie-Ellie Etc
I cant wait to read your tags so comment and leave me a link so i can see them all!
Thats all for now folks!
have a great day!
Much love
ps. Im going to be really busy this weekend so i might not get around to blogging, but if i dont i'll do an ootd diary for you!
Song of the day
My boy Lewis' new jam It could be better WHICH I HAVE SEEN HIM PLAY LIVE CKNDVKJN
(there is an official video but it wont let me post it for some reason, so enjoy watching my beautiful boy live in london mwah xo)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

give me some bloglovin'...


This is just a wee post to tell you that you can now follow my blog with bloglovin'!

Im not sure how you guys follow my blog, whether it is via google, or if im just sat in your favourites but THANK YOU ALL SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!

And follow me with bloglovin' if you like, whatever floats your goat!

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have an amazing day
Much love
song of the day
weepy hollow-fox academy

Monday, 18 March 2013

How to wear s/s13 trends if you're a scaredy cat...


It has been a all still alive?...oh you were eaten by a bear?....awkward...

ANYWAYS! (I'm kinda weird i know LOL) I've been wanting to do this post for a while but then school was like lol no. So i couldn't, but now i can so i am! HURRAY!

ugh Lucy stop. SO this is my "how to wear spring/summer 13 trends if you're a scaredy cat" post, woo!

I hate it when you see a trend at all shows but you just can't find a way to make it socially acceptable or subtle enough to walk around town without getting comments, which ain't fun! SO i chose some of the trends I've been seeing everywhere and I've got some tips on how to make them work without going too extreme for if you're a wuss, LOL!

It may seem simple but head-to-toe monochrome can be scary and can make some skin tones look really pale and washed out!
  • Go for a dress or playsuit-This minimises the amount of items and wont be as "OMG SHE'S ONLY WEARING BLACK AND WHITE!"
  • Add some grey or swap white for cream-This will tone everything down and wont be as bold but still look as effective.
  • Add a splash of colour-Whether it be lipstick, nail varnish, shoes, a necklace WHATEVER! Add one bit of colour just to brighten it up a bit and make an even bigger statement (which is good and sassy and yay!)
Best shop for the look
Faithful topshop will be your best bet! Go to the we love section and you will find a page full of monochrome goodness to spend all your money on (don't actually, you need food and stuff as well!)

I think bold eyes is my fave trend to come out of LFW, Cara was rocking the look everywhere and all i want in life is some blue eyeliner, please. But i think going full out eye shadow is kinda scary and there is a fine line between amazing and childish (don't pretend like you didn't wear really bad eyeshadow as a child!)

  • Blend it out-A sudden stop of colour will make your eyes even bolder, so to tone it down use a nude shadow and blend the colour out gradually so it just fades away instead of stopping.
  • Keep it on the lid-A winged out eyeshadow look looks amazing but is super dramatic, so if you're nervous just keep it on the lid as it still looks really really pretty, especially in blue!
  • White Eyeliner-Meet your new best friend. Not only is white eyeliner really subtle and super pretty, but it makes you look awake and illuminates your eyes. BONUS! Just apply it like normal eyeliner but if you're feeling brave follow the shape of the inner corner of your eyes so added awakeness (is that a word? IT IS NOW!)
  • Go for subtle or pastel colours-If you don't want to dive straight into the world of bright colours, a cute pastel colour looks just as amazing. Pink is my favourite, painting your whole lid with a light pink then blending a fuchsia colour into the crease looks AMAZING but not too in your face!
Best Brand For the trend
Rimmel has you covered! Especially loving the look of those scandal eyes shadow sticks!
The boyish trend can look really cute, or can make your lovely figure disappear.
  • Make sure the fit is perfect-If the item (especially dungaree and pinafores) is too big it will be really unflattering as the tailoring wont fit properly so will hang weirdly and ew! So make sure everything fits really well!
  • Add a touch of girlyness-Adding a floral shirt underneath, or pretty pattern to your pinafore/dungarees will add a little girlyness and colour to the outfit and take away the tomboy looking leaving you with the perfect boyish look that still makes you look cute!
  • Go for a pinafore-If you don't fancy dungarees or a playsuit, a pinafore is your best friend! Still the same boyish tailoring but the dress shape will be a bit more girly. Unfitted pinafores are my favourite for this look!
Best shop for the trend
ASOS has got everything-Playsuits, pinafores, dungarees all in really pretty patterns and materials!

neon is probably the funnest but scariest trend! Bold, bright and in your face pretty!
  • Just choose one piece-If you leave your house in head to toe neon orange you will get some funny looks. But a neon jumper, or jeans, or shoes will really pop and make a statement. Also look fabby!
  • Quality over quantity-The good thing about neon is that you don't need a lot of it, just a splash is enough! A bold necklace, shoes, nails, lips will still stand out, you don't a full neon outfit to wear neon effectively. And come on, how amaze does my girl Cara look with that neon pink lipstick?!
Best shop/Brand for the trend
For clothing no particular shop is doing it well, H&M is popping a few good jumpers out, topshop has the best jewellery, but everywhere is getting a piece of the neon action!
For makeup there is only one choice.MAC. I think their pro longwear lipcreme has the best neon colours but all of their lipstick are beautiful!
So that's it! let me know what your fave s/s13 trend it!
ALSO it would mean so much if you would nominate me for Company mags Best teen fashion blogger! PLEASE I'LL LOVE U FOREVER! (Just click it to nominate me!)
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day!
Much love
Song of the day
Weirdo-The vaccines

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

OOTD-Chilly Fairy...


second OOTD in a row ooops! I have a really fun post planned but it is taking a lot of prep but will be up this week! But just for now here you go lovelies xo

OOTD-Chilly Fairy
Something about this outfit made me feel like a fairy or maybe it was because i was talking about fairies when i picked it out I DON'T KNOW! But i love how delicate the top and skirt are contrasted with the chunky knitted cardigan!
Top-River Island-£15

I didn't add any accessories other than my cream topshop socks just for a little added cuteness and plus I'm TOTALLY addicted to these socks!

For my makeup i kept my face super simple but clashed my orange cardi with bright red lips just so the outfit had a bold factor to it and wasn't boring!

At LFW both J mendel and Missoni were working this super straight top, wavy bottom type thing, but i made it a bit more casual and wearable by taking the side parts of my hair and pinning them back really tight and making the rest of my hair slightly wavy.

And that's it! Let me know what you're wearing today!
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day
Much love
Song of the day
Is this love-Bob Marley OH YEAH!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

OOTD-Wishing For Spring...


I'm so sorry I've been absent for a while, every time i sat down to write i was either distracted or didn't have enough time! On Thursday i got my results back from my module 1 science GCSE and was SUPER happy as i got an A* after not thinking i did very well (i know quite a few people will have done that exam so let me know how you did!)so i went to pizza express for a meal so couldn't blog and homework took all of last night but SHABAM here i am!

I've been wanting to do this OOTD (more like outfit of last weekend, OOLW) post for ages and here it finally is!
OOTD-Wishing For Spring

It was really really warm and sunny last weekend so i took the opportunity to bring out my spring/summer looks and this one was my fave!

Floral shirt-primark-unknown
I love the colours in this outfit;The simple denim blue and cream with the pop of bright colours from the collar and lipstick. I think the pretty, pastel colours give it a really nice spring vibe. LUSH!
For nails i did my cath kidston tutorial (link here) without the second and forth nail detail, so just the big flowers.

In terms of makeup i kept it simple with a clear face and using my topshop cream blush for a little rosy glow, but concentrating mainly on bold, almost neon, pink lips which were everyyyywheeerrreee at LFW for spring/summer so i jumped on the bandwagon! My lipstick is rimmel's 1000 kisses lip stain in kiss me.


That's all for now folks
Have a lovely day
Much love
An excited Lucy as she is going to see LEWIS WATSON TONIGHT!!!!