Thursday, 28 February 2013

Welcoming March...


Where has February gone?! Come back...please!

February Summary
  • Spent too much money
  • That's it.
Once again i have achieved nothing this month!

February Goals Review
  • Learn to revise []
  • Write more [x] i started writing more in my notepad, HUZZAH FOR MOTIVATION!
  • Learn to apply eyeliner []
  • read more[]
1/4 shocking but march is a new month!

March Goals
I'm only setting a few for march month and I'm going to try again on the ones i didn't achieve in February.
  • Be more creative-I do art GCSE but I've found since i started the subject i do less creative, arty things at home so this month i want to do more painting, drawing, making besides homework.
  • Step out of my comfort zone-I'm quite a scared person, I'm scared of everything and it is gradually getting worse! So this month i really want to push myself out of my comfort zone, whether that be by wearing more adventurous outfits, doing my hair differently, or going cliff diving (lol not happening!) i just want to try something new.
March Wishlist!

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really red-£7.49-I really want a better red lipstick that will stay better. But i also HATE glossy lipsticks so this matte one is so perfect for me!

Topshop Premium floral Jacquard tee-£42-The price is a bit dskvmnf but the top is beautiful and the vibrant pinks and red are luuush, the material is so thick and it would be perfect for spring! But there is also a tee that is a similar shape, colours are lovely and a lot cheaper (£32 i think)
A pair of wedge heels-I don't know why but I've fallen in love with super chunky big wedges! I love the wood look ones but my faves are these beauties from H&M for only £24.99! 
Lush "The comforter" Bubble bar-£4.25-I have seen pictures of the amount of bubbles these make and oh em gee i want.
Cadburys egg and spoon-£5.50-chocolate=good!, Chocolate mousse=good, both at the same time=died and gone to heaven!
Maybelline superstay 14hr lipstick-£6.99-I love the look of this lipstick and it promises A LOT! so i want to test it out and see if it lives up to it's promises.
Submarine by Joe Dunthorne-£6.29-Submarine is one of my favourite films so i really want to read the book!
Things to come in march
  • who know what will happen!
So that's what march looks like for me! Comment telling me your planned purchases and what goals you're setting yourself!
That's all for now folks!
Have a great day
Much love
Thought of the day
Song of the day
Even if-Lewis Watson

Monday, 25 February 2013

Playlist of the Month-February...


How quickly has February gone?! It only feels like yesterday when i was picking my songs for last month! You honestly have no idea how hard it is to pick 12 songs, so this month i cheated and picked 13! (sneaky Lucy, sneaky!)

1)Diet Mountain Dew-Lana Del Rey-I still love her and this song is SASSY! (oh wow)
2)Hold Me-Tom Odell-This guy is exactly what music should be and his performance at the Burberry show was INCREDIBLE!

3)Champagne Supernova-Oasis-A little bit obsessed with oasis this week thanks to My Mad Fat diary!
4)Sweetheart, What have you done to us?-Keaton Henson-I'm in love with Keaton Henson.
5)Everything is Embarrassing-Sky Ferreira-This is the only time i will say this but THANK GOD FOR YOU TUBE ADVERTS!
6)Pompeii-Bastille-Another "crackin tune" from Bastille, love them so so much!

7)Creature Fear-Bon Iver-Bon Iver are perfect!
8)Explosions-Ellie Goulding-I love this song and it feels so innocent and sweet.
9)Honey-Swim Deep-Amazing band, real music, good stuff!
10)(Just like) Starting Over-John Lennon-Classic.
11)Do the right thing-Dog Is Dead-My favourite band and this is my favourite song of theirs.
12)Stay Out-Nina Nesbitt-I've loved Nina for ages now and this song just pulled me back in!
13)Icarus-The Staves FT. Keaton Henson-My new addiction and my one true love together = perfection!
Other Artists I've Been Loving are
City and colour
Gabrielle Aplin
Jake Bugg
Lucy Rose
John Mayer
"OMG you neeed to hear this!"
My choice this month is an artist I've loved for ages now! I remember hearing her BBC introducing set on the radio and searching for her for aaaggggeeess before finally finding her. Maz Totterdell is amazing. I can't think of any other way to say it! Her songwriting is incredible, her voice is so unique and she has a special sound that is totally her own! She has already released an album called "sweep" which you NEED to go get! She is amazing. Find her you tube HERE!

SO that's my month in music! Leave me a comment telling me which songs/artists you have been loving!
That's all for now folks, school starts again tomorrow (ugh) so posting wont be as regular!
Have a good day!
Much love
Thought of the day
If you blended lasagna would it still taste the same?!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

February Haul...


This month i spent every last penny of my Christmas money and now I'm broke! UH OH!

I've actually bought very little clothing this month. nothing has really caught my eye and I'm conscious that we are currently in that awkward limbo between winter and spring (LOL it snowed yesterday!)
But here goes!
Trousers-Primark-£16-I love how these look on and the colour and pattern are beautiful! I wore them in my ootd diary but i really haven't been wearing them that much which is annoying! I normally avoid buying trousers from primark because they really aren't good at all, you can only wear them for a short amount of time before they go weird and aren't skinny/tight anymore which i don't like as i just don't feel comfortable in them when they aren't tight, they feel icky! But they still look really really nice for a limited time so for a meal out or whatever and they were good price!

Denim Skater Skirt-Topshop-£20-I love this skirt so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! Since buying it I've pretty much been wearing it 24/7 and i never want to take it off! It falls so nicely and it looks lovely with a jumper over but I'm also super excited to wear it with cute shirts and cardigans in spring with little loafers and ballet pumps, SO READY SO SPRING GUYS, BRING IT ON! Also i thought for topshop £20 was quite cheap, which just adds to how AMAZING this skirt it! I would show you a photo but I'm kind of wearing it! So here's a photo of me being a cheerleader in it from my last post! mwah
Polka Dot T-shirt-Next-£12-I honestly don't know why i like this t-shirt so much! It is so simple yet i really like how it looks on. The elastic around the bottom gives it a really nice shape and i like the cut out kinda things around the neckline. I think it will look really pretty with my skirt and LOADS of bright red lipstick in spring. Just really simple but super cute.

Adorable Socks-Topshop-£8 (£3.50 each or 3 for £8)-I don't understand why it has taken me so long to buy some of these socks?! They are so cute and look so pretty with my chunky brogues or any shoes in fact! I think they really add something to an outfit and i love love love them!
Beauty & Skincare
I went a wee bit insane this month with buying products as well as my collection of freebies! my hey ho now my skin feels amaaaazing!
Cream Blush in "Flush"-Topshop-£6-This little beauty has now become a daily product and has made it's way into my school makeup routine. I really like how natural it looks, it isn't too bright that you look odd, but it leaves you with a really pretty rosy glow which i think leaves my face looking nice and fresh and healthy! Also it blends in really well and applies super easily, BONUS POINTS!
Concealer-Collection 2000 (boots)-£4.56-Loads of beauty bloggers have been raving about this and i now understand why. It lasts AGES and has total coverage and doesn't leave my skin feeling really cakey and icky. I've always hated liquid concealers like that due to bad experiences but now I'm definitely a convert, i absolutely love it and recommend it to EVERYONE AND ANYONE!
Matte Top Coat-Rimmel-£5.59-I wrote a whole post about this and i still totally love it! I wear it over all colours and i still love the effect it leaves. If you don't like shiny nails this is the product for you, works amazingly!
Eyebrow Pencil-Rimmel-£2.99-I have a slight (way more than slight) obsession with eyebrows at the moment and I'm deter mind to get a bolder bushier pair like Cara Delevingne's so i purchased an eyebrow pencil! I have really dark brows so i was worried about ending up with slug brows but i think the pencil looks really natural and makes my brows look sasssssy! 
Grease Lightning-Lush-£5.59-I got a little tester pot of grease lightning and after like 3 days i was back to buy the full pot. It is amazing! I left my skin feeling really hydrated and i could see a difference in spottiness after only a few days. If you struggle keeping icky teenage skin under contol go and buy this! It feels like a dream and smells really really nice!
Mask Of Magnaminty-Lush-£4.95-This is my second pot of this face mask and i still love it! It smells amazing, it works really well and really exfoliated your skin. Again if you struggle with your skin you should definitely buy this because it has massively improved mine and it feels really really nice on!
Butterfly Garland-Vintage Vogue-£4-I really really love this and i wrote more about it in my room tour but it just think it looks so pretty around my headboard! I even named my favourite butterfly Evangeline-She the most majestic (wowzas I'm strange!)


Hanger thingy-Ikea-Unknown-I had planned to sort this out earlier this week but I'm lazy so i haven't done it yet! But it is a hanger to put all your belts and school tie on. I bought it in an attempt to tidy the mess i call my wardrobe!
Tea-Whittards-£5.50 each-I don't like tea but I'm ADDICTED to these flavoured teas! I got the peach Melba tea for Christmas and finished it in like 2 weeks but there isn't a whittards near me so you can imagine my excitement when i spotted one in Newcastle and then another in Leeds! I'm currently drinking like 3 cups a day and own both pina colada and pink lemonade flavours. YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE, SERIOUSLY! tastes like heaven.
Grand total-£100.68 lol wut?!?!?!?!?! brb checking into rehab...
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Have a good day!
Much Love
Thought of the day
Haven't left the house in 2 days.... THE SUN.
Song Of The Day
These waters-Ben Howard

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Classic Cheerleader...


When i was about 7 i took cheer leading lessons, expecting cute outfits, pom poms and lots and lots of cheering! Basically i expected to jump into high school musical or suddenly become an American cheerleader! I soon quit after realising that jumping around and yelling wasn't all cheer leading included.
         But i still give them "snaps" for their fashion choices!
I've always had a slight obsession with America, as a child i put on a fake American accent, i adore Cher from clueless, and i would happily trade in my bleak British life for the American dream! I think cheerleaders just represent my love for America, i mean come on! Every girl has wanted to be a cheerleader at one point, jump around shaking pom poms and yelling things like "go team!" and "give me an L"
For me cheerleaders represent America. the colours, the attitude and the smiles just remind me of America! so why not dress like them!?

The key factor to achieving American cheerleader goodness is spirit and girliness! So think skirts, lipstick, team names, team colours. But also practicality, ease of movement, so no tight pencil skirts! Skater skirts and jumpers are a must if you want to jump around! I think the best colours for cheerleader chic are definitely red, white and blue. Bright, bold colours that scream pride and spirit, god save the queen and all that.

Think fresh-faced, simple makeup with Rosy cheeks. Keep the skin simple, and eye makeup minimal but add the colour with lipstick! what colour? RED, DUH!
What do you think when you see a cheer leading outfit?
Cuteness, girliness, geek chic, schoolgirl, Americana, retro goodness!
So your options are-dress or skirt! Either will do just fine but then you have to choose some team colours! Like i said red, white and blue are the best. So plan your outfit around your colours, keeping cuteness on your mind!
outfits i put together-  1)
Shirt-New look-£20
Jumper-New look-£10
A jumper and skirt combo is a super easy way to achieve a school girl/cute look! I prefer rounded peter pan colours just cause i think they are adorable!

Dress-New look-Unknown
3) A pinafore is also a great opinion! A denim one is a lot more casual if you don't really like wearing skirts and dresses all the time like i do! Layering a pinafore over a plain school shirt works just as well and with lashing of lipstick BOOM there you go!
Lipstick-Miss Sporty in 055 "dream"-Unknown

Whatever you wear socks are ESSENTIAL! Cheerleaders wear them for comfort but they also look really pretty! So slap on a pair of ankle socks, the prettier and frillier the better!
Socks-Topshop-3 pairs for £8 (bargain!) or 1 for £3.50
But the main ingredients are definitely attitude and spirit! So channel marina, get your sass on (hahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha) and show some team spirit guys (by that i mean make up some cheers and perform them to your mum!)


"hair toss"
SO that's all you need to achieve a classic cheerleader look! Please leave me a comment telling me if you like these sorts of posts cause they are so much fun to do!
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Thought of the Day
give me an L give me a U give me a C give me a Y what does that spell?! LUCY!
Song of the Day
Champagne Supernova-Oasis

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Anti-Mascara Convert...


I know i said i would try and blog daily but i spent most of yesterday attempting to draw a perfume bottle for art and it just. wouldn't. work. So that's my excuse!

Today in the life of Lucy i took a trip to Newcastle with my bestest friends and i bought tea. That's it! But i did pick up some more freebies (I LOVE YOU LUSH!) which i will include in my review, and benefit showed me how to make my eyebrows look much thicker and Cara d-ish, so huge thank you to them!

But onto the point!
So it has been almost a month since the last time i applied mascara! Quite an achievement if i do say so myself seen as I've always been a mascara lover. But it got to the point where i felt like i was applying so much heavy mascara that it made my eyes look a lot smaller and just horrible! So i took small steps changing to only wearing a little but of mascara on my bottom lashes then stopping wearing mascara all together. Fair to say, it was a big deal.
I've always felt that my eyes look really horrible and small without mascara, that i need it to widen and brighten my eyes, that without it my face will look really boring. I WAS WRONG!
Over the month I've realised how much wider and brighter my eyes have looked, and also how much more noticeable the colours are. Not wearing mascara seems to have really made my eye colour pop and stand out with i like, a lot!
Not wearing mascara has given me more time on a morning to try new things. For example I've spent more time on my blusher making my face look more doll like, and really defining and emphasising my eyebrows so other parts of my face finally get the chance to show off without insane amounts of mascara hogging their limelight. Also not wearing mascara has made my lipstick addiction MUCH MUCH worse, i think i need to go to rehab.

Overall i like the effect going mascara-less has had on my face, i think it really opens up my eyes and makes them seem much bigger and generally just opens up my face and looks a lot more natural!

We all know that mascara really isn't very good for eyelashes and after doing some research i learnt that although mascara makes eyelashes look longer, it actually makes them shorter and causes them to get damaged and fall out etc etc and don't even get me started on eyelash curling! I had never really been bothered about the effects of mascara until this month when I've noticed a HUGE difference in the feel/length/look of my lashes!
Over the month my eyelashes have got so so so much longer to the point now where i don't feel like i need to wear lengthening mascara!
I like my bottom lashes to stand out as i like how dollish they look so i used to wear mascara on my bottom lashes mainly to darken them. Over this month they seem to have darkened, I'm not really sure how but now they are noticeable without mascara. 
Overall my eyelashes just seem much healthier and it is so nice not having weighed down lashes, and now i don't have to worry about running mascara in the rain or smudging it when i rub my eyes, UGH I FEEL SO FREE!
I do think i will return to mascara one day but i never plan to go back to wearing the amount i used to! I seriously recommend taking sometime to try out my no-mascara month, I've really liked how my face has been looking and just having the chance to try different things out.
Leave me a comment what your opinion on the whole no mascara thing is!
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That's all for now folks!
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Ps. Big up Benefit for making my eyebrows look amazing!
Thought of the day
I may or may not be lost... (thought i had got on to the wrong train, luckily i didn't! phew!)
Song of the day
Stay out-Nina Nesbitt

Monday, 18 February 2013

Best Lush Trip Ever...


Today me, my mum and my sister woke up super early and set off at 8:30am. We arrived back home at around 4pm. Where did we go?! Shopping. I feel like this is the only appropriate time to say "go hard or go home." extreme shopping in its prime!

I had a really lovely day and bought some SUPER PRETTY clothes which i will include in my "what i bought during February" haul at the end of the month. But the best part of my day (apart from ikea, i love ikea.) was going into lush!
I go into Lush every time I'm out shopping but I've never enjoyed it as much as i did today! I'm an extremely awkward person and i HATE it when people in shops come up and ask "You OK there?" as i just don't know what to do in social situations (yeah I'm weird) but i didn't mind it today!
So i was just minding my own business and i called my mum over to show her this product I'd had my eye on for a while called "grease lightning" which i thought would be perfect for my icky teenage skin. So we were stood looking at this bottle when one of the employees came over. But instead of saying the generic "you OK there?" she started telling me and my mum about how her sons use the product and why she personally really likes it.
I get really annoyed when you ask about a product and the employee just says what is written on the bottle, but today the women (whose name i wish i knew) had real life experience of the product, properly formed opinions. I think all employees should have experience of the products cause i like hearing people's opinions before i buy something as i feel like i can trust it if i know it works well on others, if you get what i mean?
She asked lots of questions about my skin care routine and what my problems with my skin are. She then recommended other products she liked/used that she thought would work well with my skin and even gave us some free trials of "grease lightening" and a moisturiser she recommended called "vanishing cream".
Also while i was there i repurchased the "mask of magnaminty" and we talked for a while about how AMAAAZING that it!
Overall i think lush just has a really friendly feel and i love how warm and kind all the employees are! I really recommend that if you have a question you ask them, without hesitation! The women was so friendly and she really helped me out in store today, so definitely ask you never know what free trials you might get (cheeky!)
I'm so excited to try my trials and I'll probably end up buying them so I'll write a little review at some point!
Leave me a comment telling me your best shop experience!
Thats all for now folks, I'm off school for a week and im going to try to blog daily so please leave some post suggestions!
Have a good day
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Thought of the day
Lingonberry or coke? WHEN IN ROME! (i was in ikea)
Song of the day
Burning Desire-Lana Del Rey (DO I SEE AN ENGAGEMENT RING?!?!?!?!)