Saturday, 24 November 2012

make do & mend- Shirt collar necklace


Hello there!

This week a did a little DIY, no i didn't build a shed or a bird house but i did make a cute collar necklace! And it got me thinking, what happened to make-do and mend?

         I will admit I'm totally useless with a sewing machine or thread or ironing or most household job (i will be the worst mother and wife ever!) So if something is broken it's either thrown out or i beg my mum to fix it! If i go to my Grandma's house and i have a hole in my sock she will tell me to sew it up, but when i get home i will throw the pair out. If i grow out of something it's thrown out, i don't think "hmmm what can i do with this?", I don't think I've ever finished any form of makeup, i just replace them before the end, and we all do this; losing pens before they end! the classic!

       But in the war people would just mend everything, grow their own food, make their own dresses and share things with their neighbours.Nothing was just thrown out it was either fixed or passed on to someone else!
       So while a war was going on, people still shared when it would of been so easy to keep everything and be selfish. Maybe this contributed to the community spirit they had back then? Nowadays you can live next-door to someone for years and never know their name, see someone everyday and never say hello, not help each other out and just keep totally separate from everyone else! Whereas back then they would help each other out, in the middle of a war!

      Maybe we have all become to materialistic? obsessed with what we have and want. Never sharing things or swapping or mending. Buying new things every weekend while other items hang neglected in our wardrobes (i do this so much, sorry clothes!). Throwing out old things that could be re-used and changed to look great! Maybe we take to much for granted? Back then they were rationed on everything, so must have been much more thankful for what they had and were given. Now we complain about lack of pocket money and having nothing to wear even though we own 1000000 items of clothes (again, i do this as well!).

    So i will make you a promise lovely reader!
I, Lucy, promise to not throw something away unless totally necessary, and try and change old items to become wearable again!

I'd love to hear what things you do to make old items look great! leave me a little comment on ideas and past projects!

Anyways-Here is instructions on how to make my cute collar necklace, let me know how yours turns out and show me how you wear yours!

DIY- shirt collar necklace!
You will need-
  • An old shirt!
  • Some sharp scissors!
  • A outfit that needs a little added cuteness!
What to do-
  1. Get your old shirt and lay it out so you can see the hem underneath the collar!
  2. Take your scissors and cut under the hem keeping as close as possible without going over it!
  3. Go all the way along until the whole collar is cut off!
  4. Now take the collar, put it round your neck and do up the top button!
TAA DAAA! you now have a cute shirt collar necklace! perfect for with jumpers, t-shirts and dresses!

I recommend it with plain blue skinny jeans and a red knitted jumper!
You could also do this with a patterned old shirt, see if any male relatives have an old one, the brighter the better!


That's all for now folks!
Have a great week!

Much love

Outfit of the week
Dress-H&M- not sure how much sorry!
Jumper-H&M-£8 (i think!)
tights-plain woolly ones-M&S

Song of the week
Video games-Ben Howard for SBTV (originally by Lana Del Rey)

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Phases of giving up and growing up...

Hello there,

An early memory of mine is playing cafes with my sister at my Grandma's house and typing out menus on her typewriter. I loved this typewriter and i was lucky enough to be given it earlier this year.
            If you're a regular reader, or know me personally, you will know that i want to be a writer; maybe write for a fashion magazine? But being able to sit in my own little library, in a beautiful house fully furnished with Cath Kidston items, and be able to write stories and books that will change people and make them think "wow" when they finish them, will always be my dream/goal.

            So when i got this typewriter i was determined to write a full novel and send it of to a publisher. But then at fourteen full A4 sheets jam-packed with my words, i gave up. And to make it worst, i gave up in the middle of a sentence! I didn't think to myself "right, I'm giving up.", i just never really went back. My typewriter was broken for quite a while, and in that time i came up with a new idea, so when i got my typewriter back i just didn't sit back down and continue, i moved onto something else. It's like I'm trying to write goal but keep rubbing out or giving up before the L.

         This seems to be turning into a pattern for me because that other idea i came up with, i haven't typed a single word for months now. I can sit and stare at it for hours but then get distracted by facebook. I think i need a nice little break in a log cabin in the woods, preferable with snow involved, clear my mind and write. please?

         You always here people say "oh its just a phase", with me that's true. I've been through a lot of phases, social worker (Tracy beaker phase), scientist, musicals, fashion designer, singing, you tube. But i always come bad to writing, i have so many notepads filled with stories and tales and even some extremely bad poems. it wasn't until recently when i realised just how much i love writing and reading and now blogging. My mum always says how good i am at writing and choosing the right words (in stories and essays, speaking wise I'm about as awkward as a llama at an alpaca convention..)

        I'm dreading new years because when my family sit down to write out new year resolutions and look at our old ones, i already know I've failed most of them including "do more gigs" from my brief singing stage which we do not discuss, ever.
         In an attempt to motivate me to finish things, i started a bucket list in summer and since then i have only managed to tick of 1 thing and haven't even looked at it since summer! But i don't think it's just me (i hope)! i mean all girls want to be a princess and boys want to be knights but we grow out of that phase and on to other things, I've just repeated that process a lot more than most people.

          But in all this I've come to the conclusion that maybe i don't have to do just one thing, even though being an author is my main goal. What's stopping me being an author but also illustrating books? Writing books and blogging? Keaton Henson is an illustrator but also a musician and one of my favourite singers. Nothing is stopping me doing 5 lessons a day, homework, revision and blogging, so why should i be limited to one thing in the future? But I guess that's all to come.

That's all for now!

have a top-notch week
much love
a very indecisive Lucy

Outfit of the week
jumper-new look-£10
shirt- old school shirt from M&S

Song of the week
The district sleeps alone tonight-Birdy (originally by The Postal Service)

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Autumn Leaves- Season in a Nutshell...


So i know winter officially begins on the 21st December, but i worry that the world may end then so i decided to do my autumn review now, yay!

Autumn is by far my favourite season, just think about it for a second; its not to hot, not freezing, you get to bring out your warm jumpers, coats and boots and you get those moments when there is dew drops of spider webs. Everything just kind of reveals its beauty in autumn!

 I think this season I've tried a lot more different things; experimenting with lip colours (in particular no.7 moisture drench sugar plum, lush!), eyeliner, nails. I've bought a lot more products that i wouldn't normally and learnt to apply eyeliner successful (yay!)
          Nails- Nail art has taken over my life, little bows, little cats, little owls, flowers, dots, just about everything has been on my nails! I've built up a VAST collection of nail polishes and pens, and been a lot more adventurous with colours and now metallic. I think I've fallen in love.
         School Routine-This season I've definitely perfected my school makeup routine, just enough makeup to cover up, not enough to get told off!But also still kind on skin when added to an intensive makeup removing routine! At some point i will do a tutorial over on my beauty page! Check an eye out for that!

         Hair Styles- Lived in a middle parting, i have been converted.

I love autumn fashion; cosy jumpers, Chelsea boots, duffel coats. Just love love love.
         Wardrobe musts- I have so many! Firstly, the classic skinny jeans, always a must but especially in autumn; perfect with over sized, knitted jumpers and cardigans. Secondly, my Marks and Spencers duffle coat and cheap plaid scarf from the men's section of Primark-£3 have kept me so warm going to and from school but also looks so good over a white or red jumper! But my top two musts this season are-knitted jumpers and Chelsea boots!
         Favourite trend-layering has taken over. Whether it be cream jumpers and plaid shirts, red jumpers and white shirts, dress and jumpers...I'm. in. layering. heaven. Not only does it keep you warm, but I've found a way of using summer tops all year round! For example a short-sleeve sheer top from Next which has embroidery on the front and lace lined collars is too cold to wear alone now. But looks amazing underneath my red new look jumper! Tops with collars are my all year round must have.
        Best Buy Red dress from topshop-£35!

so many good artists/songs/albums this season i cant cope! I don't really listen to much chart music (im just too hipsta....bad joke sorry) so go and listen to any artists you haven't heard of!
        Albums- here are my top albums this season-
  • Red-Taylor Swift (obviously)- i just don't have a criticism at all, Songs for every situation, mood, occasion and even a bit of Ed Sheeran!
  • Fools EP- Lauren Aquilina- Young, pure talent.
  • Jake Bugg-Jake Bugg- After hearing lighting bolt on radio 1 i was waiting for this album and it didn't disappoint. So much variety from happy songs to songs that make you want to eat chocolate and cry over your non-existent love life!
  • Like I Used To-Lucy Rose- what can i say, i love Lucy Rose! not just because we share the same name, but her soft vocals just calm you down.  Shiver send actual shivers down my spine and Bikes made me want to go for a run (which i will never do, exercise is just pure evil.)
  • All Our Favourite Stories-Dog Is Dead- this is an extremely rare occasion when my mum introduces me to a GOOD BAND! (congrats mum) Every note, word, strum is perfect from two devils to Glockenspiel Song. pure beauty.
  • The Lumineers-The Lumineers- Songs that make you want to move to Texas, sit by a campfire and shout HO HEY at the top of your lung! a Mumford and sons feel to it, very good!
  • There a lot more but i wont bore you!
         Artists- I always find my self coming back to the same people and bands. Gabrielle Aplin regained my attention with Her Singles Please don't say you love me and new, john Lewis hit the power of love. Her voice is so angelic and pure that i just makes me stop and like "wow." Also Daughter, a band, keep me coming back for more with their bold lyrics that tell hypnotic stories to the soundtrack of gorgeous guitars. Lewis Watson never fails , every song is perfection, just like his face (for the girls, seriously, google him.) MANY MANY MORE, so head over to my music page after this!

Simple Smiles
  • Costa/Starbucks drinks.
  • Crunchy Leaves.
  • Dew covered spider webs.
  • Seeing your own breath.
  • Sitting by the radiator.
  • Scarfs and gloves.

  • Wonder by R.J Palacio- One of those books where it ended and i knew it had changed me. Such a beautiful story about a boy, August, born with a facial abnormality, narrated by all the people whose lives where changed by August.
  • The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway- A classic recommended to me, ad it didn't disappoint. When you get past the "I'm sat reading about a man fishing..." stage, you really start to appreciate it.
At the moment I'm reading To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee for school, so expect a review at some point!


"The universe takes care of all it's birds"- Wonder.
"We accept the love we think we deserve"- Perks of Being A Wallflower.
"We are a mess, we are failures and we love it"- Glockenspiel Song- Dog is Dead.
"And all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind..."-Everything has Changed-Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran.
"He offered her his world, she said she had her own"-Unknown.
"It's that ancient love, That you won't outgrow"- Bombay Bicycle Club - dust on the ground.

Lessons Learnt

Silly little things- Every 15 seconds a Beatles song is played somewhere in the world.

Life lessons- You have to tell people how you feel, otherwise nothing will get better or change.

overall-I've enjoyed Autumn, what about you?

much love

Song of the week
How to be a heartbreaker-Marina and the Diamonds!

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

finding shiny little stars!... Nancy Loves Nails


okay guys, i found one! If you are a regular reader, you will possibly have read my post on teenage stars if not HERE is a link! But guys....i found one!
                Nancy Loves Nails is a nail business that is run by a young girl called Sophie (not Nancy!) They have loads and loads of amazing, super detailed designs perfect for all occasions and people! Ranges from galaxy and evil eye nails to cath kidston and flowers and all for good prices which is always a plus!
               I have had my nails done twice so far and definitely plan to be back soon! Honestly, i sat there just thinking "how?! how does she do it?!". Her designs are so precise and detailed that they leave you wondering if her arms are specifically designed to be shake resistant. Like harry potter cast a spell on them or something!

                With over 2000 likes on facebook and in the 3 runner ups in House of Holland nail competition, i think its fair to say Sophie is doing pretty well from a business which she originally started to get some money for a holiday to Florida! Inspirations like Sharmadean Reid founder of WAH nails in London, and in my opinion Sophie and Nancy Loves Nails can go just as far with the designs that this girl keeps pulling out of the bag!

               But not only is Sophie a rare young talent, but she is also lovely and so so so pretty! Both times i have had my nails done she has been so chatty and nice and always looks amazing is vintage dresses and her signature floral hair garlands!
                    I most definitely recommend you give Sophie's facebook, instagram (@nancylovesnails and tumblr a visit and take a look at her designs and book! Perfect for a girly night in, party or just simple if your nails need a bit of TLC!

that's all for now folks!

have a great week!
much love

outfit of the week
top-vintage from vintagevouge- £14
shorts&belt- H&M sale-£5 (bargain!)
tights-M&S woolly ones!

song of the week
Jake Bugg-two fingers

ps.thought you might also appreciate this photo of me realising the timer isn't on ...enjoy.


Monday, 5 November 2012

fears of fears.

Hello there!

So tonight is bonfire night, which i have renamed "Lucy's nightmare night". I actually hate hate hate bonfire night and i have ever since i was little!

I remember it really clearly and my fear started in about year 3 in primary school so when i was about 7-8 years old! We were learning about the history of bonfire night, Guy Fawkes and all that jazz. Then that night i just remember worrying that Guy Fawkes would climb into my window and put a tonne of gunpowder in my bedroom, and i was so so so scared! But it wasn't just that! i remember my mum telling me about bonfires and that they symbolise Guy Fawkes death and how there is a dummy of him on top of the fire. All i could picture was this man burning on top of the fire and all i could hear was him cry and screaming in my you can imagine that as a 7/8 i was pretty scared!

I have a really vivid, kind of weird imagination which decides to scare me all the time by imagining the worst, scariest thing that could possibly happen in situations! For example, I'll be walking over to the stairs and my brain decides to go "what if there is a demented girl at the top of the stairs?" which really scares me! I think my many many many MANY fears are due to a bad mix of an overactive imagination and me just being a massive wuss!

But its not just fear of dead people, ghosts and zombies, I'm actually scared to talk to people! I'm so socially awkward its painful! i wont talk to any of my sisters friends, or even some of my family!

I hate the fact that these things hold me back, and i spend all the time when I'm hiding from possible social situations wishing that i was more outgoing and that i could go downstairs and actually talk to people! A big fear of mine, ironically, is that my fears will stop me achieving things. That i won't do something because i get to scared of what people will, or wont, say. That i will miss an opportunity because it is a little out of my comfort zone! It scares me! i fear my fears, bit weird but yeah!

tell me what some of your fears are!

But i hope you, my lovely reader, have an excellent bonfire night and stay safe!



  1. I'm reluctant to make a set blogging schedule because i think it's better for me to blog when i get an idea! but i think i will try and blog about twice a week either main posts on this page or little bits and bobs on my other pages! so keep an eye on my other pages!
  2. I have started an ideas notepad, so i can keep all my ideas in one place and refer back if I'm blocked! At the beginning of every blog will be a number, and that is the page number from my lickle notepad!
  3. My friend Charlotte posts you tube videos twice a week and they are so so so good! definitely worth a watch!
  4. Please please remember to tell all your friends, share and connect with me! also take a look at my other pages, fashion, music, beauty, and simple smiles!

that's all for now!

have a great week!

much love



song of the week!
i know you care by Ellie Goulding!

 Outfit of the week!
 dress-H&M-not sure how much but comes in varied patterns!
cardi-also H&M, also don't know how much! I'm useless sorry :3

but I've actually lived in this onesie from primark-£14!
best thing in the world!                                                    

RIP jason <3