Monday, 31 December 2012

New years Resolutions...


HAPPY NEW YEAR! (OK a couple of hours early, but still!) So every new years eve people all around the world write some new years resolutions, and i have done the same! So i thought i would share them with you so if i don't keep them you can yell at me (please don't!). I would love to know what some of your new year resolutions are, leave me a comment!

New Years Resolutions!

Write more-If you're a regular reader you will know that i want to be a writer but i seem to lack the motivation to write! In 2013 i want to write more stories and even attempt to finish a novel. I really want to get a book published before i can drive (probably unrealistic but still!) and if i don't write i never will. So i want to write a lot more in 2013 because i really love it.

Be more social-I'm so shy and awkward i feel like it sometimes holds me back. So in 2013 i want to become less awkward and more social and confident as i think it would make life a lot better and make me a lot more comfortable and less anxious in social situations. I think that would be good but i doubt i can do it! I'm so socially awkward it's painful.

Experiment with clothes-I see so many things in shops and say "oh that's nice but it's not very me" but to be honest I'm not quite sure what "me" is! So in 2013 I'm going to buy the things i think are nice, I'm going to try new styles and things that i normally wouldn't. I want to be more creative with outfits and take inspiration from magazines and celebrities. I just want to broaden my wardrobe and try new things to find what suits me and what doesn't! Also i will be super fun!!

Learn to invest-I don't like spending money, but i love to buy things. That is my problem, so i end up buying cheaper things that are not always as nice. So in 2013 i want to invest in some more expensive things that i reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy want instead of cheaper things that i only wear once or twice.

Read more-I love to read but this year, really since September when i started my GCSE's, I've been reading less. I have certain things i have to read for school but in 2013 i want to read more for pleasure as i really do love a good book and they always give me inspiration is some form.

Improve make-up skills-I really want to practise apply makeup and watch more tutorials so i don't always look the same! I especially want to improve my eyeliner techniques (I'm rubbish basically). I also want to buy some nice new makeup such a top shop cream blush and liquid eyeliner! would be lovely and i love watching tutorials so if you know any good ones or make them yourself let me know!

Take risks-I'm scared of everything. You think I'm joking but I'm really not! I get very nervous and worry about a lot but i really want to stop and become more adventurous! I would love to take my risks in my fashion and beauty choices, but also just my everyday life! change things up a bit, who knows what i will do! (might dye my hair, hmmms maybe)

Exercise more- Me and exercise are not friends. We have a mutual dislike of each other, but i feel like it's we made up and came to some agreement.

Keep blogging-i really love doing this and i look forward to seeing my little baby grow! in 2013 i really want to go out and do some street style bits so that should be exciting! hopefully you will join me on my 2013 journey! (cheeeeeeeeeesy)

SO They are my resolutions, what are yours?

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have a good new years!
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Outfit of the day!
I went out for lunch with my best friends today so i got to dress all fancy like!

top-River Island sale-£12
Jeans-Primark supersoft-price unknown
Heels-New Look-£10 due to pricing error (waheyy!)
lipstick-Miss sporty 055 dream-£2.59

i felt pretty!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

My fictional fashion icons...



So i have watched Breakfast At Tiffany's twice in less than 24 hours. I'm a little obsessed. But how perfect is Audrey Hepburn!? Here are some of my favourite quotes of hers!

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles."
"Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me."
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
How amazing! But this whole Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly obsession got me thinking about some other fictional people i idolise and use as fashion inspiration!
My Fictional Fashion Icons

Holly Golightly (breakfast at Tiffany's)-We all know that Audrey Hepburn is insanely perfect, but i really love Holly. Just everything about her; her style, her attitude, her whole outlook on life. Her simple, classic yet fun fashion sense. LBD's, plain colours and pink. Everyone knows her signature up-do and minimal makeup. She always has the perfect cat eyes and lips. Pearl necklaces and hats but never diamonds for a women of her age. The ultimate style icon. She is just elegance personified, everything she does seems beautiful.
         I think Holly's personality is really unique as she is like a tame "wild thing", living the life of a wild child but underneath being so innocent and scared. Her "i never want to belong to anyone" attitude, her nameless cat, her dream of making enough money to live with her brother Fred and her past of stealing turkey wings just all adds up to creak this character. Just so perfect, i don't have enough words!

Cher Horowitz (Clueless)-I don't understand why every girl on earth hasn't seen this film! It is the 1990s version of legally blonde, or mean girls but better and with quotes like "Dad-Do you know what time it is? Cher-A watch doesn't really go with this outfit, daddy" and "i am totally buggin'"
Cher Knows how to work a matching blazer and skirt combo and ballet pumps and knee-high socks. She has the school girl/uniform-esk look down yet still gives every outfit a fun twist. She always looks so feminine and chic, innocent and pure. I love her simple, middle-parted blonde hair, her minimal makeup using nude coloured lipsticks and blusher to give off a warm glow.Her fashion over all attitude is just the best. fashion>everything. I love her longing for a project and wanting to give back, I think all girls could learn a lot from Cher!

Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)- I'll admit that i have only ever seen bits of this film, but I've seen enough to know that Wednesday is beautiful. Her amazing dark hair and eyes are just wow! We all know that I'm a collar ADDICT. I have massive Wednesday Addams collar envy. Those sharp collars just...I WANT THEM. I also have Wednesday Addams hair envy. I would love dark hair so much! Her perfectly flat, smooth, straight hair frames her face perfectly and is so simple yet so bold! I have Wednesday Addams dress envy. She always looks so sensible and proper in her dresses, very Gothic and dark but still childlike and innocent! I think Wednesday is just the right balance between beautiful and scary. She has a very striking look that really grabs your attention. Pale with dark hair is what i would love to be! I've got the paleness down, still longing for the hair!
                          I've never been sure if the directors wanted Wednesday to be so beautiful, or whether it was a lucky mistake. All i know is that she is just flawless!


Emma (one day)- One day is one of my favourite books. I read it after watching the film and it was perfection. I love Em's laid back looks and i loved watching/imagining her style change and evolve throughout it. I read a lot of books but i think one day was the first one that really grabbed my attention on a fashion basis. I loved picturing Em and Dex's world (i imagined it with a Polaroid filter over everything!) I think Em's style is just very mishmash and careless but it just works, as the book/film goes on it all comes together to form this beautiful person in beautiful dresses and outfits. My favourite bit in the book is when Em goes to Paris, i imagined the clothes and just fell in love with the whole Parisian style of it all. My favourite feature is Em's beautiful chocolate brown, curly hair! Again, i so wish i had dark hair, but i also wish my hair was at least wavy! My top Emma hair memory is when her and Dexter are one holiday when her hair is a bit loner and she has the cutest sunglasses on. She brings the clothes we now call "vintage" to life, and grows from this mishmash feminist into this classy style icon! If you haven't read one day i definitely recommend it!  Oh and it also features one of my all time favourite quotes-
"you're gorgeous, you old hag, and if i could give you one gift ever for the rest of your life it would be this.
It would be the gift of confidence.
Either that or a scented candle."
love it.

That's all for now folks, let me know who some of your fictional fashion icons are and remember to subscribe!
Have a good day
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Don't have an outfit today, sorrrrry I'm so lazy!
Song of the day
Demons-Imagine Dragons


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Playlist Of The Month-December...

I normally do this sort of post on my music page but I'm going to get rid of those pages and start posting all my little bits on here! ok? good, yay!

so here are my top 12 songs i've been listening to this month! It is so hard to choose just twelve!!!

Play list of the month-December
  1. How to be a heartbreaker-Marina & the diamonds
  2. Don't save me-HAIM
  3. Impossible-James Arthur
  4. Into the wild-Lewis Watson
  5. Age-Lianne La Havas
  6. Hold Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)-HAIM (i know they have been in it twice, but they are my favourite band!!)
  7. Candles-Daughter
  8. Best Of Friends-Palma Violets
  9. Starting over-John Lennon
  10. I Always Knew-The Vaccines
  11. Baby, it's cold outside-She&Him
  12. New slang-the Shins
THERE ARE SO MANY MORE! Other artists I've been really liking this month are:
  • Bastille
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Ben Howard
  • Orla Gartland
  • Taylor Swift (as always)
"You neeeeed to hear this"-December
Mhairi McDonald is a young singer that covers songs on you tube but manages to make every song sound like an original! Her cover of Black Flies by Ben Howard is just flawless and her voice is so pure and unique. She has filled the void in my heart that Kate McGill's retirement left. Mhairi is DEFINITELY you tube's new Gabrielle Aplin and i see her going far! Her original song "Time" has been on repeat for weeks. I just adore everything she does and find myself awaiting her next cover.
Mhairi also has a collab channel with another talented singer Jack Vallier. Together they make perfection. Go and listen NOW.

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have a god day
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Outfit of the Day
I just had a lazy day today but yeah!
Cardi-Primark-Again, Unsure (I'm useless)
Yes i have a henna heart on my finger cause my best friend is the bestest!

Big up Whittards' Peach Melba tea, you are the best kind of tea (the only kind i like)
Big up Reese's peanut butter cups, you are the best creation on earth.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Statements and Confidence...



So! One of the many lovely things i got for Christmas was the WAH nails book of nail art as i absolutely adore doing my nails and have a HUGE obsession with nail art. And today i was flipping through the book when i came across the "POW" comic book nails and fell in love. So i did them!

        But as i was applying the top coat i realised that a couple of months ago i would never in a million years have liked that design, i would've been too worried that someone wouldn't like them.
        Over the last couple of months, since I've had my blog, I've become a lot more confident and a lot more daring with my fashion/beauty choices. I just stuck to the same makeup routine, wore the same type of clothes, never experimented or tried new styles. Just stuck in this box of who i thought i should be. But now i feel like I've escaped!

        Last year to one of my friends birthday parties i wore red lipstick and it really didn't suit me. Since then I've been really scared to try it again so i just stuck to pink/nude lipstick. But then this past month I've become a lot braver and started wearing a dark plum colour. It wasn't until yesterday that i wore red lipstick for the first time since that party, and i just felt amazing. Really confident and happy.

       I honestly think since i started my blog and started reading more fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs I've become a lot more adventurous buying things i normally wouldn't like my tight red velvet dress, which was totally different for me but i love! I've started worrying less about what other people will think and just going for what i like. Trusting my own instinct, Looking for inspiration in different and strange places, Trying different products. Just becoming a lot more open to all these different aspects of fashion and beauty!

     I think statements are important. I'm quite a shy person, i don't like interacting with new people and get very nervous around people. And lately I've started using my outfits to kind of get across who i am. I like to wear dresses because I'm really girly and i like to have bold nails because it is a way to just get across a message. I think fashion and beauty are two of the best ways to show who you are, present a side of yourself you want others to see.

    I just love this whole fashion/beauty world I've entered and just wanted to thank all of you. My blog is literally my baby, it is just a place where i can do and share what i love and getting comments saying that you love my blog is just the best and makes my day.
    Beauty and fashion are the two easiest ways to make a statement. Red lips, Smokey eyes, chunky jewellery, bright nails, wild hair, even your shoes can be a statement of who you are and who you want to be! You don't even need an amazing outfit, just that one statement can make people go "wow." something that really stands out from the crowd. I love walking past people in town and seeing all the outfits. I play a game where i imagine who they are and make up a story for them, all based on their statement. You should try it sometime, it's fun.

  I really love who my blog lets me be, and how much more confident it has made me. So i thank you all for that and i encourage all of you too try that thing you've been scared of for a while, you will feel great after ward!

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have a good day
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Outfit Of The Day
Top-New look-last years
Jeans-Primark super skinny-unknown
Lipstick-Miss Sporty in 055 dream(smells like watermelon!)-£2.59

Song Of The Day

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

How to do a 1930s inspired pin curled hair syle...


So this is my first ever tutorial (eeeck!) but i really wanted to share this look with you as it is my FAVOURITE!

          I've been trying to pin curl my hair for ages to make it look like Emma Watson in ballet shoes (major hair inspo!) I wanted it to look very sleek and classic, but all the tutorials i found seemed to involve sleeping with pins in your hair which really isn't very comfy. So after a couple of tries i've found a way of making your hair look pin curled just by using your straighteners! yay!

          So here you are!

How to do a 1930s inspired pin curled hair with your straighteners (and some makeup stuff)!

1)First you need to go in the shower, i think this works better on clean hair and also it still looks nice on second day hair. So wash your hair then leave it in the towel for a bit, i leave it in while i eat breakfast. So about 10-15 minutes.

2)Use this time to do your skin care routine, i spray my face with lush's tea tree water and apply spot cream to any breakouts.

3)When the time is up you want to use either a bobby pin or preferable a hair section clip, either works. You want to put on on each side of your head right at the front about level with your eyebrow. This will keep the top bit very sleek and smooth.

4)I then spray my hair with VO5 plump it up blow dry lotion, and brush this through my hair. You want to part your hair just to the side, So the parting is in line with the middle of your eye. Then just blow dry your hair with the pins in trying to get it as straight and smooth as possible.

5)Now you want to choose your outfit. If you want to keep with the 1930s theme go for a tea dress or skirt with a jumper over. I went for my red polka dot dress and skin colour tights  But this hair can go with anything, so anything will do! Plug your straighteners in now to let them warm up and take out the pins!

6)After that you want to apply your make up but not your mascara yet. I use Garner's BB cream, The Body Shop's tea tree concealer and Miss Sporty's So Clear pressed powder. You want your face to look very clear and matte, so use powder to get rid of any shine! Then brush a little pink blusher onto the apples of your cheeks to give you a little Rosy glow.

7) now for the important part!

 8)Now i get my VO5 "give me texture" spray or any texture/salt spray will work. Spray it onto the top of your head near your roots and use a comb and really comb it down through the straight part of your hair at the top. You want this bit as smooth as possible. I then just slide 2 bobby pins into the side of my hair to hold back my fringe type thing and just to add effect to the pin curlness. But it looks nice with the sides pinned up as well, so whatever floats your boat. (or whatever floats your goat as someone once said to me).

9)Mascara time! You want your eyes to look wide and dollish but not clumpy! I apply Rimmel's extra WOW lash mascara, then use Rimmel's Scandal eyes show off mascara over the top just to build up the effect. Then on the bottom i use Clinique's High Length mascara which has a really good brush that doesn't clump at all! I just brush all my bottom lashes once so they are feathered out and dollish.

10) At this point i spray my hair with hairspray again because my hair is really thin and tends to fall flat. So if you have thin hair you really need to spray it good!

11)Accessories time! I go for my new pearl collar (thank you Santa) and my River Island owl watch. I also still have my Christmas/Lana Del Rey inspired nails. But what ever matches your outfit will do.

BOOM! That's it! simple or what?! It's so easy but still looks amazing, definitely my favourite hair look, so classic and beautiful. Makes me want to go back in time to when ballet shoes was set and dance (i can't dance, BUT I WOULD TRY!) I just love it and hope you do to! Comment and let me know what you think and how it goes!

That all for now folks, hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Remember to subscribe and check out my other pages!

Have a great day
much love
ps.the song in the background of the video is an instrumental version of marina and the diamonds-how to be a heartbreaker!

Song of the day
Lana Del Rey-Summertime Sadness

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas outfits...



Merry Christmas eve! Is it bad that I'm more excited about the urban outfitters sale (which started today and you need to go check out now because IT IS HEAVEN.) than Christmas? Still hasn't sunk in that Christmas is tomorrow, maybe it will when i watch the Grinch later, Fingers Crossed!
              My main worry is what I'll wear tomorrow! when i was younger i would wear whatever Disney princess costume or cute dress i was given from Santa. But now Santa either gets the wrong size or gets nothing at all. So i have to start thinking (thinking, ugh!)

Christmas Outfits!
I've never been one to stay in pyjamas all day. It is just natural instinct for me to get up, eat, then choose an outfit. I just like to feel fresh and confident instead of sitting around in PJ's. And come on, Christmas only comes once a year so you might as well take the excuse to dress up!
         I really love Christmas, just everything about it. Everything looks so cute, like an old film or a photo on a card. The green of the tree, tinsel, decorations (if you colour scheme your tree you are doing it wrong, the tackier the better!), fairy lights, everything looks much cosier and happier. Wrapping presents knowing that the receiver will love it, Unwrapping presents and it being just what you wanted/needed. Sitting down for Christmas dinner and being pressured into wearing the hat. The noise of pulling a cracker and playing with the rubbish toy that is inside.

       I love looking at old photos of christmas' when i was little. Looking at my outfits and laughing at how they have come back into fashion. For example-I wore a red pinafore when i was tiny, now J.W Anderson is selling them, i wore a black velvet dress when i was a toddler, i bought a velvet dress a couple of months ago.

        I like dressing up in a cute dress, doing my hair, choosing accessories, feeling happy, greeting relatives, listening to Christmas songs, watching the Christmas specials, and giving presents (i like opening presents of course, but i didn't want to sound greedy or selfish!).

      In terms of outfits, i tend to go for something very cute, vintagey and almost school uniform-esk as no matter how old you are, on Christmas morning to turn into an over-excited little kid, so why not dress appropriately for your inner child?! If you know me you will know that i am OBSESSED with collars. If something has a cute collar i WILL buy it. So on Christmas you can normally find me eating loads in a short, floaty dress (probably's my favourite colour) with some sort of collar, woolly tights and NEVER bare nails!

    I know lots of people go for an alternative Christmas look and wear pinks and blues instead of the traditional red and green, or go for more of a grunge vibe. Some people really pull this off and look incredible. But it has never been for me. I like tradition. I like the old Christmas films where everyone gathers around a piano to sing silent night (if only this happened), when it snows on Christmas. I just like the image of a traditional Christmas, colour schemes included. I like being a little kid for a day in my tea dress and knitted cardigan. I like to look like I've just jumped out of miracle on 34th street, or white Christmas.

   I basically wish i was a cute little kid and my whole life was in sepia. Just imagine how pretty everything would be!

   The thing that scares me is that this year i haven't been that excited for Christmas, what if every years Christmas gets less and less exciting until i just stop caring? I don't want that to happen!

So now I'm going to go watch loads of Christmas films, take a bath, do my nails and wait for Santa!

Massive love for my bestest friend Estelle who is my lovely Christmas model and is just BEAUTIFUL! Follow her on instagram!

stells wears-
snake ring-miss selfridge-£2
flower ring-vintage
topaz ring-vintage
Henna tattoo-Kit off eBay-£5 for 6 cones
nails-done by me!

How beautiful is she?! super jealous!

I hope you all have an incredible Christmas and eat loads and get everything you want!
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much love

Outfit of the Day
i know i know, i wear this loads cause i like it!
dress-New look-unknown
Tights-Old ones
(I'm useless I'm sorry!)

Song of the day
I couldn't choose one!
Droplets-Lewis Watson & Gabrielle Aplin (Colbie Caillat cover)
Christmas Wrapping-Dog Is Dead (the waitresses cover)


Sunday, 23 December 2012

Tips on buying the perfect dress...



Merry Christmas eve eve guys! Sat around listening to the Taylor swift's Christmas album this morning and got myself in the christmassy mood! BUT i think the older you get the less exciting Christmas gets and the more exciting Christmas/new years parties get.
          As a dedicated fashion addict my favourite part of a party is choosing my outfit and getting ready! sad i know but i LOVE IT! The best thing in the world is going shopping knowing that you have an excuse to splash out on a new dress, heaven.

         But we all know that it is so easy to buy the wrong dress; one that sits in your wardrobe after being wore once. NOT  a good investment!
            So here are my top tips for buying the perfect dress for party season.

How to buy the perfect dress!

1)Don't go out with an ideal dress in mind!
Sure, you might have seen Alexa Chung wear a beautiful dress but don't leave the house thinking "i want a baby pink midi body con dress with a lace collar and cuffs!" This will never happen! You will end up seeing loads of other nice dresses and just rejecting them because they don't match your ideal description. So go shopping with an open mind and just try on anything that catches your eye, even if it is a bit different and daring for you. There is no harm in trying it on!

2)Know yourself!
You shouldn't go out with an ideal dress in mind, but you should know what does and doesn't suit you. We have to face that some colours just don't suit some people! I have to wear bright colours because I'm pale and have light hair, you might be the opposite. So you need to know what colours, shapes and styles suit you and your body shape! But you also need to feel confident in the dress you wear, so make sure you are happy before you buy!

3)Think before you buy!
Before you buy you need to think of 3 thinks;What,When,How.
  • "What will i wear with it?"-You don't want to buy a dress only to find that you don't have shoes/accessories to match! You need to consider the whole outfit from head to toe. Think about every little detail including nail varnish, makeup, hair style! THINK!
  • "When will i wear it again?"-You need to consider the formality of the dress, could you wear it to a meal out with friends or is it strictly party only? Is it just a "15 minutes of fame" trend or is it a timeless classic that will always be in style like a LBD or a red dress? Will it still fit in a couple months? Be strict on yourself and if it will just end up sat in your wardrobe, keep looking!
  • "How much is it?"-Price isn't just the amount on the label. You need to think about the value of the dress and if it is worth the money. Take into account the length, tightness and also how good the material-If it will be ripped and stretched in a night it is not worth your money! Weigh up the pros and cons of the dress and it's value instead of just seeing if you can afford it's label value.
4)Shop around!
We have our old, reliable friends; Topshop, River Island, H&M, New Look, even primark! And we have our online friends; ASOS and BooHoo. But if you only ever look there you will miss out on the one-off gems hidden away on clothing racks in charity shops and cute little vintage stores! Also remake dresses are often really reasonable priced for one-off pieces and vintage never goes out of style! You could easily come across a £10 vintage dress in a charity shop-Proved by Gabrielle Aplin who looks B-E-A-utiful in her vintage find!- that would be prettier, cheaper and more exclusive than anything in Topshop. It will also decrease the chance of having an awkward dress twin at the party!
       Some of my favourite vintage shops include-
  • Vintage Vogue in Middlesbrough-The cutest little shop hidden away above a barbers shop. Sells the cutest rings and jewellery as well as beautiful vintage blouses, skirts, dresses, t-shirts, bags, shoes, scarfs, coats. But then you head over to the Vogue corner to find millions of tie dye t-shirts, Levi shorts, old band t-shirts and much much much more! I've recently fallen in love with their cute little finds to give your bedroom a little vintage spark including photo frames, coat hooks and loads of little bits and pieces. The whole store has a great atmosphere like a little hidden treasure. You can find them on facebook HERE, online HERE and on instagram.

  • Purple Haze in York-I'm in love with this shop! From it's book wallpaper to it's narnia-esk changing rooms the whole shops screams "cute, vintage!" at you. It sells everything from cosy fair isle jumpers to flowy skirts and remake dresses. With loads of dresses you could EASILY find the perfect party dress here. You can complete your outfit with some of their gorgeous jewellery, bags, scarfs, anything you need!The shop is so cosy and cute you want to stay in it all day and just buy everything, it even stores things in vintage suitcases! Super cute and well worth a visit! find them on facebook HERE!

  • Cow Vintage-With stores in Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield you may have a store near you but if not NEVER FEAR! Cow vintage has a massive online shop selling absolutely everything you could ever want! from Christmas knitwear, coats, dresses, play suits, t-shirts, shoes, and remake items. I especially love the knitwear, so cute. They have so much variety it would be hard to not find a dress! Find them online HERE!
5)Think about who you want to be!
Cute, confident, bubbly, grown up, what impression do you want to make? Take inspiration from style icons with a personality that radiates through their clothes-Marina and the diamonds, Florence Welch, Taylor Swift, Alexa Chung, loads of celebrities show their personality through their clothes and dress to suit the person they want to be! So choose an alter ego for the night and choose a dress that reflects who you are and who you want to be! cute and innocent in a baby pink floaty dress? confident and proud in a black body con dress with bright red lips? Who do you want to be remembered as?

6)Remember the little details and don't be overcrowded!

You need to think about how you are going to make your face and hair match your dress. If the dress has a detailed back you want it on show, so have your hair up in a messy bun, high pony tale, or have a go at a bow bun (Sprinkle of glitter's you tube tutorial is the best!). If your dress is very patterned or has a very stand-out material or colour you don't want to overcrowd it, so minimise jewellery and keep accessories simple so you don't take away attention from your perfect, new dress. Remember makeup, choose a lipstick to fit the theme-cute and girly? choose a nude or a Rosy pink. Statement and bold? Apply a bright red or pink lipstick straight from the bullet. Plain, matte dress? Put a layer of gloss over the top of your lipstick to add a little sparkle.

7)Go with your gut feeling!
The most important thing your dress has to do isn't look perfect on you, shape your curves properly or make your waist look skinnier. I has to make you feel confident and amazing! If you don't feel WOW in the dress it isn't the one for you and there is a much better one waiting to be found! If you feel amazing but the price is a little too high, treat yourself but make sure you wear it again! The most important thing is that you feel good in it and have fun. Because you if radiate confidence people with feel it and you will be showered with those words every girl loves to hear "you look amazing!".

SO! I hope my tips have help you find your perfect dress and feel amazing in it!

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have a good day!
much love,

Outfit of the Day!
Collar-Vintage Vogue-£8

Song of the Day!
Taylor Swift-Last Christmas cover

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ways to stay sane during the holidays...



so! we survived the end of the world, yay! I'll admit, i was one of those people that was really, honestly scared. I was sat in RS counting down the minutes until my "death" while half watching Mississippi burning. EXCITING TIMES! but then nothing happened and i went to English as though the Apocalypse had been cancelled.

         3 days till Christmas, tree up? present wrapped? good. My main problem with the Christmas holidays is that i get far to bored, i just don't know how to fill my time so normally go a little insane and end up spending abnormal amounts of time eating and scrolling through my facebook news feed. BUT NOT THIS YEAR!

Ways To Stay Sane During The Holidays!

1)Do what you need to do first!
Chances are you have homework/studying/present wrapping/decision making/etc to get down (for me it's art homework), and chances are you are procrastinating or saying "I'll do it after Christmas!" no! If you just get it done you can relax and your after-Christmas downer wont be as bad because you wont have to do loads of work and jobs. So just get your head down, put some Christmas music on to make it more enjoyable and you will be done soon. then the fun can begin!

2)Don't suffer from Christmas list regret!
Wish you had added a pair of Cath Kidston socks to your list? don't worry! Make an after Christmas shopping list and organise a new year shopping trip with your friends. This gives you a chance to buy the presents you wanted but didn't get or forgot to put on your list, as well as spending some of that Christmas money that has been burning away your pocket!

3)Bath Time!
Every girl needs a luxurious bath every now and then because we all know that baths>showers. So take some time out, run yourself a bath, pour loads of bubble bath, bath salts, bath bombs, everything you've got into the tub, slap on some music, grad a fashion magazine and relax! Who cares how long you take, just soak in the bath until your fingers look like raisins, you deserve it!

TOP TIP-put your PJ's on the radiator while you soak, then they are toasty warm when you get out!

4)Have a girly night!
Sometimes you just need to pamper yourself. So grad yourself some food to feed your sweet tooth, put on your cutest PJ's, put on some Taylor Swift, use your best moisturiser, do your nails, re-read this months company magazine. Then snuggle in bed with a hot chocolate and a girly film. My favourites are;
  • Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging
  • Clueless (the classic.)
  • Legally blonde
  • Miss congeniality
You could also invite your best friends round to join in the girliness!

5)Don't over sleep!
We all love a lie in but sometimes waking up late can make you feel more tired than waking up earlier. Also, more sleeping time=less day time that you could fill doing other things on this list or general exciting things. So wake up at like 9am to maximise daytime and keep you feeling awake and happy.

6)Make yourself a play list!
Life is too short to keep pressing skip so make yourself a play list with a good balance between Christmas songs, all time favourites and new loves. Or if you're a bit of a Grinch like me and aren't feeling very festive listen to half-christmassy Christmas songs like
7)Don't just lounge around in PJ's!
Staying in your pyjamas will just make you be lazy all day and sit around watching Made In Chelsea! But don't go full out-Don't bother with makeup and keep outfits comfy and warm. Over sized jumpers, woolly socks, leggings and jeggings will be your best friends! Also, get yourself a huge knitted cardigan, a simple shirt, and a pair of leggings/jeggings. now you have a warm, comfy outfit perfect for lounging around the house in, slap on a pair of Chelsea boots and you're ready to go shopping. easy, simple, done!

8)Get excited!
Sure Christmas might not be as magical and exciting, but you are still getting a day filled with presents, food, family and Christmas specials on TV! It only comes once a year so you might as well make the most of it and watch as many Christmas films as you can before it's over.

9)Never have bare nails!
Even if it a simple one colour coats or a french manicure. Colourful nails will just brighten up your day and make people say "ooo i love your nails" when you hand them a present! Go for christmassy colours like red or if you're feeling adventurous get yourself some nail pens and try a pattern like snowflakes or candy canes. I'm in love with Nancy Loves Nails Christmas wheel, so festive and adorable! my favourites are the john Lewis snowman nails, cutest. thing. ever. If you haven't read my article on Nancy Loves Nails HERE is a link and you should go over to her facebook page, and instagram. This teenage girl has INSANE nail talent and an eye for cute, vintage designs! Major nail inspiration.

10)Read for pleasure as well as purpose!
If you're a GCSE student chances are you have a book/play/essay to read. In my case i have to read Macbeth for the first week back and have read "to kill a mockingbird" quite a few times before my exam. Oh the joy. So read something for pleasure as well, i recommend reading something you've read before so you don't get your plots mixed up (you don't want to have Macbeth falling in love with Boo Radley, not a good couple!)

With no school/work now is the perfect time to try new things with your hair and makeup! So experiment with different styles, products, colours. Try that youtube tutorial you've been wanting to do for ages, use that lipstick, you could even dye your hair (if you're feeling brave!) My favourite beauty youtubers are;
  • Fleur De Force-I love her new 50s inspired festive makeup tutorial and her "get ready with me" videos. She also writes really good reviews on her blog, BONUS!
  • Sprinkle of glitter-I love her hair bow tutorial, and baby glitter is adorable!
  • Zoella-She does the best hauls and has amaaaazing hair!
  • Tanya Burr-Just all around makeup goodness!
12)Make yourself an alter ego or steal someone Else's!
Dressing up as the person you want to be or your favourite celebrity is so fun! Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Marina has Electra Heart and Lady Gaga has...a man... I love Marina and the diamonds so so so so so much and especially love her Electra Heart look! I wrote a how to blog on how to get a marina and the diamonds makeup look toned down enough for school, you can read that HERE, but i also love Riannstars Marina and the diamonds Halloween tutorial! Basically i love anything to do with lots of mascara and a tiny little love heart on my cheek! So find your own alter ego, mine is definitely Electra Heart. Leave me a comment who yours is!

13)Organise things for after Christmas!
We all know that feeling on boxing day evening, that "well that it for another year" feeling. So plan things with your best friends from after Christmas! Hit up all the sales and spend some of your Christmas money, organise a new years eve party, or even just sit around and eat all the Christmas chocolate! Anything to stop the after-Christmas downer!

14)Stay fresh faced!
Christmas=lots of family photos! So enjoy pigging out on all the Christmas treats but don't neglect your skin. Splash your face with cold water every morning to minimise pours, use spot cream on any break out morning and night, use moisturiser but not too much! But the best option, a face mask! I like to have a bath, then put on my Lush "mask of magnaminty" face mask! I love it so much and it has really improved my skin. It has an amazing peppermint smell and it bright green so you can have a great time pretending to be one of shreks children! It comes in quite a big pot and it lasts ages! I use it on Fridays and Sundays and sometimes during the week if i have a breakout, My mum and sister also use it and after about a month we are only just half way through! It is really easy to apply and has small particles in so when you put it on and wash it off it exfoliates your skin. Perfection and only £4.95, i recommend!

15)Have fun!
Just enjoy yourself! How often do you get to dress up and open loads of presents?! so have fun!

That's all for now folk, remember to go to my other pages, subscribe and all those things so you never miss a word!

Have a great day!
much love

PS-Seen as i have no school I'm going to try and blog daily except on Christmas and boxing day! yaay

Outfit Of The Week
Jeggings-really old battered Primark ones!

Blouse-Next sale in summer-£15 my favourite things ever! Got these cute material flowers on the front and the lace around the collars makes it perfect for under a jumper!

Cardigan-Primark-£12 love the colour!

 Song Of The Week
Alloway Grove-Paolo Nutini